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Endeavor's Trek to the Pad

3/10/11-- Taking full advantage of a one-time photo opportunity, I positioned myself at the roll-out of Space Shuttle Endeavor as it slowly left the Vehicle Assembly Building on its way to the Launchpad for lift-off scheduled for April 19th 2011 (Cape Kennedy, Fla). There seems to be an interesting similarity to an iconic scene from the classic film 2001:A Space Odyssey. Where the moon lander is being lowered into the main hanger. It is a majestic vehicle to see up close and one is overwhelmed looking at it, knowing it will launch into orbit. I guess after 30 years of launches, it’s time to move forward. It will be sad to see the end of the shuttle missions after this June, but I do look forward to the future possibilities of space travel.

--Jack Turkel


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Richard Dolan discussed UFO disclosure and the secret space program. Followed by researcher John Hanson on UFO sightings in the UK.

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