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George Noory hosted a panel of experts (Jerome Corsi, Robert Young Pelton, & Michael Weiss) on the Middle East and terrorism, for a discussion on the history of ISIS, and the threats they pose to the US and Western countries.

First half-hour guest, engineer and investigator of Mayan technology, James O'Kon, talked about the discovery of a lost city in the Honduran jungle, which dates back centuries ago.

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Thu 03-05  MH-370 Disappearance/ Elvis Mysteries Fri 03-06  TBA/ Open Lines


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Los Angeles Midday Sighting

12/14/13-- My friend and I were in his backyard cooking on his grill (Atwater Village area of Los Angeles), I saw a bright object flying in sky. My friend grabbed his cannon 7D with a long lens and shot away. We weren't sure what we would see, but when the image was zoomed in on in the computer...we were very surprised! What is this? It passed over very slowly and transformed it's shape.

It appeared to be a rounded triangle shape with a raised front end emitting some kind fluid or light from the front. It was very reflective, but seemed to have a light source of its own in the front and back, and had 2 sources of light in back toward the later photos. As it flew, apparently, it became a fireball, then transformed into a more aerodynamic shape. It was flying lower than a plane would and made no sound. Slowly and deliberately it drifted north and was soon it was out of camera range. What is this?

--Neal Rosenfeld