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Last Show Recap

In the first half, futurist Paul Guercio and physicist Dr. George Hart, who run the Merlin Project, which tracks trends for current events, prominent business people, politicians and celebrities, discussed their latest predictive timetraks, created through their software-based forecasting technology.

In the latter half, crime reporter and sports writer for nearly 35 years for the Toronto Star, Bob Mitchell, spoke about harrowing stories of alien abduction and visitation, including encounters with Greys, Mantids, and other entities.

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Sasquatch Drawing

In August, 1998, near Eagle Butte, South Dakota, around 7-7:30 am, I encountered a very large Sasquatch (10-11 ft tall), it stepped out of the trees, within about 5 feet of me. It was not pleased with my presence and escorted me out of the woods (it was the longest 300 yards of my life!) I really thought I was going to wind up as breakfast, but he didn't pursue me past the end of the treeline. Looking back, I believe he was protecting his family (perhaps I had entered their feeding area) and if my intended route had been a little different I would have never known he was there. I never saw him till he stepped out of the trees in front of me. I might be willing to go back and show someone the location, but only if I knew I could run faster than they could.

--Devin King