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The Rescue Angel?

11/21/13-- My name is Rob Bastille and I own and operate a news site called on Cape Cod. Last night I covered a fire and my footage aired on several Boston stations as well as Hyannis News. here's a link to last night's story. People have pointed out an a figure in my top photo. some say it's either an angel or a ghost. I say it's definitely water from the hose, but do concede that it's possible an angel took the form the water. This was pointed out by several readers. One pointed it out to the mother of one of the firefighters on scene. Others suggest it was an angel trying to save a dog that was trapped inside. When I studied the photo I thought I could see a faint halo and wings.


Last Night

Annie Jacobsen discussed how the US govt. covertly worked with psychics and scientists. Followed by astrology analysis from Heather Arielle.

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