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Triangular UFO Near Pahrump

At 5 am on December 23rd [2011], I was driving from Pahrump NV to Las Vegas NV on HWY 160 to catch a plane back home to Texas when these 3 huge bright lights appeared in the night sky flying down the side of the mountain. I took picture from my phone while I was driving then it flew up along side of me and I pulled over and it stopped and hovered there about 10 yards off of the ground as I took a picture. Then right after I took the picture it flew straight up until it disappeared into the night sky. I got back in my car and drove to the airport. I believe this was the same road that Art Bell saw his UFO!!!



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Jamie Bartlett spoke about radical groups and future trends. Bruce Maccabee analyzed a historic UFO sighting. Cheryl Costa discussed UFO data.

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