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George Noory hosted a panel of experts (Jerome Corsi, Robert Young Pelton, & Michael Weiss) on the Middle East and terrorism, for a discussion on the history of ISIS, and the threats they pose to the US and Western countries.

First half-hour guest, engineer and investigator of Mayan technology, James O'Kon, talked about the discovery of a lost city in the Honduran jungle, which dates back centuries ago.

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Thu 03-05  MH-370 Disappearance/ Elvis Mysteries Fri 03-06  TBA/ Open Lines


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Unknown Creature in Kansas

Leawood, KS-- I was in my kitchen making lunch, when I looked out the window, and saw what looked like a greyhound sniffing around my back yard. As watched it for a few seconds, I noticed something seemed a bit off about the dog. I noticed it had a very long, rugged looking face, with coal black eyes, and its ears seemed a like they had been burnt or deformed. I looked more closely at it, and saw the only hair it had was a thin patch around its neck. I began to think maybe it was a deer, but the way it was walking was more canine like than that of a deer. Then I thought maybe it was a coyote, but I usually only see those at night. Plus they are pretty scrawny and thin. This animal was very thin, but it was also very tall and long. The last thought I had, as it jogged away, was that I had just seen a Chupacabras!

I am an illustrator and storyboard artist, so since I did not have my phone to take a picture or video, I felt compelled to sit down and draw out what I saw. This is my illustration of the strange creature I saw.

--Brett Ciacco