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Get News on Aliens & ETs | Coast to Coast AM
Get the latest news you need to know about extraterrestrials from Coast to Coast AM.

Scientist Argues for 'Ancient Aliens' | Coast to Coast AM
Apr 25, 2017 ... An astronomer at Penn State has put forward a remarkable hypothesis that should sound familiar to UFO enthusiasts and ancient alien ...

Aliens Tell Abductee When the World Will End | Coast to Coast AM
Feb 12, 2016 ... Aliens Tell Abductee When the World Will End. A retired carpenter in Ireland claims that a stroll home from his neighborhood pub turned into an ...

Ancient Aliens Debunked - Shows
Dec 13, 2015 ... The Ancient Aliens program has presented evidence about the hypothesis that extraterrestrials visited Earth in ancient times. Chris White ...

Six-Year-Old Asks Obama about Aliens - Coast to Coast AM
Feb 14, 2016 ... During a recent appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, President Obama was asked by a six-year-old if aliens are real and offered a ...

Watch: Alien Filmed at Peruvian Gas Station? | Coast to Coast AM
Sep 1, 2016 ... A UFO researcher in Peru is trumpeting incredible video which he says captures an alien appearing at a gas station and being chased away by ...

Aliens & UFO Encounters - Shows
May 25, 2017 ... Investigative reporter Linda Moulton Howe presented her interview with Prof. Jim Al-Khalili on his latest book, "Aliens: The World's Leading ...

'Aliens' Invade Immigration Hotline | Coast to Coast AM
Apr 27, 2017 ... A newly-created hotline for Americans to report crimes committed by "criminal aliens" became the target of pranksters who flooded the phone ...

Nancy Lieder - Coast to Coast AM
Alien contactee Nancy Lieder returned to the show to share communications she claims to receive from a group of "Zetas." Planet X is currently coming from the ...

Alien-Human Hybrid Secret Invasion | Coast to Coast AM
Sep 25, 2015 ... An expert in UFO abduction cases suspects that alien-human hybrids may be living secretly among us, plotting a takeover right under our ...

Stranded 'Aliens' - Photos - Coast to Coast AM
While on a road trip from phoenix to san diego, we saw these roadside aliens near Desert View Tower off Highway 8 in Jacumba, California. It seems that their  ...

Alien Abduction Special - Shows
Aug 18, 2011 ... Artist and photographer Kim Carlsberg discussed her first conscious alien abduction, the nature of the extraterrestrials who took her, the hybrid ...

Elvis & the Aliens | Coast to Coast AM
In Michael Luckman's book Alien Rock, he writes about contacts Elvis Presley reportedly had when he was a young boy with beings from a world in the Orion ...

Why We May Have Missed Contact from Super-Intelligent Aliens ...
Sep 21, 2015 ... A scientist at the forefront of the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence claims that highly advanced alien civilizations may have tried to ...

NASA Dashes Dreams of Aliens on Europa | Coast to Coast AM
Sep 22, 2016 ... Following a NASA announcement that they will soon reveal surprising findings about Europa, the space agency was forced to clarify that the ...

Formations on Mars/ Extra-Dimensions & Aliens - Shows
Jan 16, 2017 ... In the first half, founding investigator of the Mars research group, The Cydonia Institute, George Haas, and geoscientist Bill Saunders discussed ...

Ancient Aliens - Shows
Jul 31, 2011 ... Producer of Ancient Aliens, and publisher of Legendary Times magazine, Giorgio A. Tsoukalos, joined George Knapp to ponder the idea that ...

Ancient Aliens - Shows
Jan 21, 2011 ... According to Tsoukalos, the gods and heavenly beings mentioned in ancient religious texts and traditions were likely alien travelers. Further ...

Russian Politician Says That He Talks to Aliens! | Coast to Coast AM
Sep 20, 2016 ... It appears that Hillary Clinton isn't the only politician tapping into the popularity of UFOs as a Russian parliamentary candidate recently claimed ...

Aliens & Abductions - Shows
Oct 19, 2013 ... Sims shared details of a childhood encounter with an alien as well as his own abduction experiences, noting how the last event involved violent ...

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