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Bill Sardi - Coast to Coast AM
... Anymore, Why Babies Die, The Search for the World's Best Water, and The Red Wine Pill. He is the creator of the resveratrol-based supplement, Longevinex .

Natural Remedies - Shows
Oct 21, 2012 ... He stated that the antioxidant resveratrol has shown promise fighting heart disease, but the mainstream medical community has shunned ...

Natural & Herbal Medicines - Shows
Nov 8, 2011 ... ... of natural killer cells; Diindolymethane, a phytochemical from cruciferous vegetables that inhibits cancer cells; as well as turmeric, resveratrol, ...

Knapp's News 5/18/14 | Coast to Coast AM
May 18, 2014 ... George Knapp shares a number of items of recent interest, including his I-Team reports on Bob Lazar, 25 years later.

Money Laundering/ Natural Remedies - Shows
Jan 7, 2013 ... He also recommended resveratrol for a host of issues, and pumpkin seed oil for prostate problems. "Let's get ahead and have patient-driven ...

Big Pharma Special - Shows
Jul 19, 2015 ... ... and Vitamin K to be effective, and don't even include some of the most powerful nutrients such as resveratrol, Co-Enzyme Q10, and turmeric, ...

More Missing Persons - Shows
May 18, 2014 ... ... to Stop the Zombie Apocalypse. Seriously. The Plots to Destroy America · Read 279 Mindless News Reports About Resveratrol and Wine at ...

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Rob MacGregor and Bruce Gernon discussed Bermuda Triangle disappearances and 'electronic fog.' Followed by Dr. Peter Sacco on hauntings and poltergeists.

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