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Author Phil Siracusa shared his chilling first-person account of experiencing a demonic haunting that surrounds him wherever he goes - known as the 'Horsefly case.' In the second hour, he was joined by psychic medium and paranormal investigator, Karissa Fleck, who is the lead investigator on the case. Open Lines followed in the final hour of the program.

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Truman and the UFO Author - Photos - Coast to Coast AM
Frank also used to write for Fate Magazine. It was given to me by a friend of my grandmother because of my interest in UFOS. Kind of makes you wonder.

Robert M. Stanley - Guests - Coast to Coast AM
In the first half of the program, editor of Unicus Magazine and expert in UFOs, Robert Stanley discussed how a Luciferian agenda has driven the evolution of the ...

Socorro, NM 1964 UFO Case - Coast to Coast AM
In tandem with his 9/19/13 appearance, James Fox shares images and documents related to the 1964 Socorro, NM UFO incident. 1) The following diagrams ...

UFO Cases, Skeptics, and Photos - Shows - Coast to Coast AM
Apr 27, 2008 ... Retired U.S. Navy research physicist Bruce Maccabee joined George Knapp to discuss his extensive research on UFOs, including international ...

Grant Cameron - Guests - Coast to Coast AM
In the past few years Cameron has turned his research interests to the involvement and actions of the President of the United States in the UFO problem . He has ...

The Great UFO Debate - Shows - Coast to Coast AM
Jul 21, 2004 ... Physicist and investigator Stanton Friedman faced off with astronomer Seth Shostak of SETI in a debate about the nature of UFOs. While both ...

Sept 3, 1965: The Exeter UFO Incident - Articles - Coast to Coast AM
1 day ago ... One of the most celebrated UFO sightings in history happened today fifty years ago, September 3, 1965: The Exeter Incident. It began in the ...

Richard Lang - Guests - Coast to Coast AM
May 29, 2011 ... In 2008 Mr. Lang was featured in the DISCOVERY CHANNEL TV series "UFOs over Earth" serving as one of the lead investigators in the shows ...

UFO & ET Special - Shows - Coast to Coast AM
Nov 24, 2013 ... George Knapp welcomed different guests in each hour for a discussion on all things UFO and ET, including a bizarre UFO crash that's been ...

UFO Spotted Over Arizona - Photos - Coast to Coast AM
UFO Spotted Over Arizona. YouTube user jmhz71 has posted some intriguing footage of what appears to be a saucer-shaped object in the skies over Arizona.

All Things UFO - Shows - Coast to Coast AM
May 25, 2014 ... George Knapp delved into all things UFO beginning in the first hour with an update on his now-infamous Area 51 interview with Bob Lazar, from ...

David M. Jacobs - Guests - Coast to Coast AM
Dr. Jacobs has written and delivered many articles, papers, and addresses on the subject of UFO abduction, and has been a consultant to the major UFO ...

John Ventre - Guests - Coast to Coast AM
May 25, 2014 ... John is the Pa State Director for the Mutual UFO Network. John is the author of five books including UFOs over Pennsylvania, An Alternative ...

Psychiatric Drugs/ UFO Disclosure - Shows - Coast to Coast AM
Jun 25, 2014 ... In the latter half, UFO disclosure activist Stephen Bassett spoke about his 2013 Citizen Hearing on Disclosure and his plans moving forward.

UFO Spotted Near Chilean Volcano - Coast to Coast AM
According to her description, the luminous UFO appeared near the plume, remained static, and then vanished. Some have speculated the object may be a drone ...

Greek UFO Photo - Articles - Coast to Coast AM
Sep 30, 2012 ... Pictured is the UFO photo taken by a German photographer vacationing in Greece, discussed by George Knapp and guests on the 9/30/12 ...

Shimmering Cloud-like UFO Spotted Over Philly - Articles - Coast to ...
Jul 11, 2015 ... Philadelphia resident Hector Garcia captured video of a strange shimmering cloud-like UFO moving through the sky over his neighborhood.

World UFO Day - Articles - Coast to Coast AM
Jul 2, 2015 ... Today, July 2nd, is World UFO Day. The commemoration serves to raise awareness of the existence of unexplained craft in our skies, as well as ...

UFO Disclosure & Abductions - Shows - Coast to Coast AM
Dec 14, 2014 ... Host Richard Syrett was joined by UFO researcher Victor Viggiani for a discussion on disclosure, abductions, and his role in convincing former ...

Bruce Maccabee - Guests - Coast to Coast AM
U. S. Navy Research Physicist Bruce Maccabee is the author of The UFO/FBI Connection, The Secret History of the Government's Cover-Up. Bruce received his ...

Showing page 10 of about 50
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