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Paranormal investigator Steve Huff joined Connie Willis (email) for a discussion on spirits and the afterlife. He also shared sound samples from beyond. (Related Links: YouTube / Facebook)

The previously scheduled appearance by Bishop James Long will be rescheduled for a future date.

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Sun 07-24  Mob Confessions/ Ackerman & the Afterlife Mon 07-25  Atlantis & Earth Changes/ Nephilim & Prophecy Tue 07-26  Futurism & Politics/ Open Lines Wed 07-27  Our Species' Journey/ Reptilians & the Paranormal Thu 07-28  GMO Battles/ Paranormal Adventures Fri 07-29  TBA/ Open Lines


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Watch: Crashed UFO Spotted on Google Earth? - Coast to Coast AM
Apr 7, 2016 ... Making use of the all-seeing eye of Google Earth, UFO enthusiasts believe they may have found a downed UFO in the mountains of Arizona.

Richard Dolan - Guests - Coast to Coast AM
In 2000, he published a 500-page study, UFOs and the National Security State. This is the first volume of a two-part historical narrative of the national security ...

Watch: UFO Armada Filmed Over Belarus? - Articles - Coast to ...
May 29, 2016 ... Nonetheless UFO enthusiasts believe that the footage may capture another instance of craft appearing in armada form as has been seen ...

Richard Lang - Guests - Coast to Coast AM
May 29, 2011 ... In 2008 Mr. Lang was featured in the DISCOVERY CHANNEL TV series "UFOs over Earth" serving as one of the lead investigators in the shows ...

Morningstar: Apollo 17 UFO - Coast to Coast AM
Tuesday night's first hour guest, Robert Morningstar, shared these images of what appears to be a UFO passing behind the Lunar Excursion Module as it was  ...

John Alexander - Guests - Coast to Coast AM
Sep 22, 2013 ... For over five decades he has studied intensely various phenomena including UFOs, remote viewing, near-death experiences, psychokinesis ...

UFOs, Thunderbird Sighting & 3-Headed Person Interview - Shows
Apr 1, 2016 ... The last two hours of the program featured Open Lines. Jim, who works as a third -shift security officer in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, shared ...

P. M. H. Atwater - Guests - Coast to Coast AM
In the first hour, UFO disclosure activist Stephen Bassett reacted to the Congressional hearing on finding life in space. ... More ยป. Host: George Noory ...

John Greenewald - Guests - Coast to Coast AM
He accumulated an astonishing number of documents on topics related to UFOs, the JFK Assassination, chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons, and top ...

Russian USO Incidents
May 15, 2016 ... UFO (and USO) experts Paul Stonehill and Richard Dolan joined George Knapp to discuss encounters by the Soviet and Russian Navy with ...

Watch: UFO Spotted Near the ISS? - Coast to Coast AM
Apr 19, 2016 ... UFO researchers watching the NASA live feed broadcast from the ISS believe they may have observed a horseshoe-shaped object hovering ...

1941 UFO Crash - Shows
Feb 25, 2016 ... "It seems apparent that Dr. Vannevar Bush began examining the (Cape Girardeau 1941 UFO crash) craft and found an atomic propulsion ...

The Great Divide over 'World UFO Day' - Articles - Coast to Coast AM
Jun 24, 2016 ... In various corners of the world and the web today, they are celebrating World UFO Day, but much like the phenomenon itself, the holiday is ...

'UFO Wormhole' Video - Coast to Coast AM
8/11/13 guest, Wilbur Allen, shares a photo and video of what he describes as a sudden manifestation of a UFO in the skies above Sedona, AZ. Allen shot the ...

Randal Montgomery - Guests - Coast to Coast AM
Mar 12, 2016 ... Joining Richard Syrett in the first half, author, attorney, and UFO researcher, Randal Montgomery, discussed the religious aspect of the UFO ...

UFO Disclosure/ Remote Viewing - Shows
Apr 23, 2013 ... In the first half, authors Steven Greer and Paola Harris discussed the Atacama humanoid as well as UFO disclosure. Greer, who has recently ...

Happy World UFO Day 2016! - Articles - Coast to Coast AM
Jul 2, 2016 ... Flying saucer fans and alien aficionados around the world are celebrating today as July 2nd marks the 15th annual World UFO Day. Created in ...

Stanton Friedman - Guests - Coast to Coast AM
Since 1967, Friedman has lectured on the topic of UFOs at more than 600colleges and over 100 professional groups in 50 states, 9 Provinces,England, Italy, ...

Joan Bird - Guests - Coast to Coast AM
Jan 4, 2013 ... In the first half, researcher of unexplained phenomena Joan Bird presented information pertaining to the numerous sightings of UFOs around ...

Plane Passenger Films UFO - Coast to Coast AM
An unidentified passenger recorded strange bright lights that appear to be hovering next to his aircraft. In the video, the mysterious glowing orbs can be seen ...

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