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In the first half, analyst of geopolitics and foreign policy Craig B. Hulet commented on the election cycle, current events, and the geopolitical landscape. Midweek Open Lines followed in the second half.

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Wed 05-04  Natural Healing/ Spiritual Transformation Thu 05-05  Ghost Hunting/ Mind Power Fri 05-06  Hutchison's Experiments/ Open Lines


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Shows - Coast to Coast AM
UFOs & Nukes/ NDE Journey. Sunday - April 24, 2016. In the first half, Robert Hastings joined George Knapp to discuss his more than 150 interviews with US Air ...

David Marler - Guests - Coast to Coast AM
Jul 3, 2013 ... David Marler has had a lifelong interest in the subject of UFOs. He joined The Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) in 1990 as a Field Investigator ...

Richard Dolan - Guests - Coast to Coast AM
In 2000, he published a 500-page study, UFOs and the National Security State. This is the first volume of a two-part historical narrative of the national security ...

Watch: Crashed UFO Spotted on Google Earth? - Coast to Coast AM
Apr 7, 2016 ... Making use of the all-seeing eye of Google Earth, UFO enthusiasts believe they may have found a downed UFO in the mountains of Arizona.

C2C Classic: The Night Jimmy Carter Saw A UFO - Articles - Coast ...
Aug 13, 2015 ... With the sad news that former US President Jimmy Carter is fighting advanced cancer, we take a look back into the annals of UFO history, ...

Bill Chalker - Guests - Coast to Coast AM
Bill Chalker is one of Australia's leading UFO researchers and has written extensively on the subject. He is a contributing editor for the International UFO ...

Aztec UFO Incident/ Tavistock Institute - Shows - Coast to Coast AM
Dec 26, 2015 ... In the first half of the show, guest host Richard Syrett was joined by Scott & Suzanne Ramsey, who have investigated the alleged crash landing ...

1941 UFO Crash - Shows
Feb 25, 2016 ... "It seems apparent that Dr. Vannevar Bush began examining the (Cape Girardeau 1941 UFO crash) craft and found an atomic propulsion ...

Warminster UFO Mystery/ Beatlemania - Shows - Coast to Coast AM
Aug 23, 2015 ... A mystery of unusual sounds began in Warminster, England in 1964 and continued as a UFO enigma until 1977. The locals called the ...

Sept 3, 1965: The Exeter UFO Incident - Articles - Coast to Coast AM
Sep 3, 2015 ... One of the most celebrated UFO sightings in history happened today fifty years ago, September 3, 1965: The Exeter Incident. It began in the ...

John Greenewald - Guests - Coast to Coast AM
At the age of twenty-one, Greenewald published his first book, Beyond UFO Secrecy, ... John Greenewald of the Black Vault discussed UFOs and government  ...

Michael C. Luckman - Guests - Coast to Coast AM
He also produced several major UFO conventions in New York featuring rock and folk musicians and is the visionary behind the Signal to Space Concerts, ...

Nick Redfern - Guests - Coast to Coast AM
Nick Redfern has been interested in UFOs since 1978. His main area of research centers around determining what has been learned about the UFO subject at ...

John Rhodes - Guests - Coast to Coast AM
John Rhodes, a.k.a. the CryptoHunter, is one of America's most outspoken and controversial UFO researchers. He is known around the world for his pioneering  ...

Morningstar: Apollo 17 UFO - Coast to Coast AM
Tuesday night's first hour guest, Robert Morningstar, shared these images of what appears to be a UFO passing behind the Lunar Excursion Module as it was  ...

Wartime UFO Images - Coast to Coast AM
Mack Maloney shares three illustrations featured in his new book, UFOs in Wartime, in tandem with his 12/06/11 appearance. Click on each image to view larger ...

Passenger Captures UFO Over London - Coast to Coast AM
The series of images, which have caused a stir online, show a dark-colored object resembling a disc or cigar-shape. The UFO appears to fly up and away ...

Primaries Predictions/ Creation Myths & Velikovsky - Shows - Coast ...
Feb 10, 2016 ... UFOs & Nukes/ NDE Journey ... involved in incidents which confirm that UFO incursions have occurred at most if not all nuclear weapons sites.

Triangular UFO Seen Over Iraq - Articles - Coast to Coast AM
Triangular UFO Seen Over Iraq. October 30, 2014. In tandem with her 10/30/14 reports, Linda Moulton Howe shares this sketch of a black triangle seen over Iraq  ...

Tracy Torme - Guests - Coast to Coast AM
Apr 9, 2008 ... Behind the UFO Phenomenon. Thursday September 19, 2013. Documentary filmmaker James Fox and screenwriter and film producer Tracy ...

Showing page 10 of about 50
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