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Inside Alien Implants

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Inside Alien Implants

Show Archive
Date: Monday - January 13, 2003
Host: George Noory
Guests: Dr. Roger Leir

Dr. Roger Leir discussed his latest findings and interpretations regarding "alien implants" in his appearance on Monday night's show. "I think what we're looking at here is some form of nanotechnology that we're just beginning to understand; and that is the use of atomic structure of metallic substances to perform a variety of electronic functions," said Leir who has now conducted 10 surgeries to remove foreign objects from people who said they had abduction experiences.

"The outside was definitely organic and the inside was metallic," he said describing two of the implants which were removed from two patients' toes. Less than half an inch thick, both implants were similarly odd in that they were imbedded in the toe with no surrounding inflammation and encircled by a large amount of specialized nerve endings in areas they wouldn't typically be. Interestingly, Leir suggests that if this technology could be understood it could have medical value particularly in dealing with transplant patients.

The ultimate purpose of the implants is not to track the location of abductees but to monitor genetic changes that the aliens may be inducing, Leir believes. He cites as evidence for this documented increases in human abilities that have been occurring over time culminating in the birth of "Indigo Children," in the last two decades.

Thoughts of Implants

Dr. Roger Leir, has yielded some rather interesting results from his implant removals. Long a staple of UFO/abduction lore, implants recently figured in as a plot point in Taken the mega mini-series that aired last month on the Sci-Fi Channel. In the series, implants were explained as the method the aliens use to keep tabs on abductees.

While the jury still may be out ET implants, it seems that our government has had the technology to create and use "intracerebral implants" since the late 1950s. A device known as the "stimoceiver," implanted via the nasal cavity, can receive and transmit electronic signals, and has been used in experiments on animals and humans. Invented by Dr. Jose Delgado, it was found that through electronic stimulation of the brain, the experimenter could induce emotions and behavior, controlling to a large degree the subject's responses. It is alleged that these devices have also been used to induce a hypnotic state through radio waves, in a process known as "remote hypnosis." One can only imagine (and shudder to think of) the advances made in this type of technology since the 1950s.