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Doom & Gloom

In the first half, futurist Paul Guercio and physicist Dr. George Hart, who run the Merlin Project, which tracks trends for current events, prominent business people, politicians and celebrities, discussed their latest predictive timetraks, created through their software-based forecasting technology.

In the latter half, crime reporter and sports writer for nearly 35 years for the Toronto Star, Bob Mitchell, spoke about harrowing stories of alien abduction and visitation, including encounters with Greys, Mantids, and other entities.

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Doom & Gloom

Show Archive
Date: Friday - February 7, 2003
Host: George Noory
Guests: Open Lines, Harry Braun

George rolled into Friday night by creating a special Doom & Gloom line, where callers could share their dark dreams and visions of the future. Daniel from Chico, a self-declared "professional prophet," quickly took up the gauntlet. Explaining the difference between prediction and prophecy (prophecy allows for people to change the future), Daniel told of his strange "Starburst 2020" experience where he was catapulted into a dark city of the future that was without electricity. The world, he said, had undergone nuclear devastation in a number of locations.

"I've been seeing things for 40 years," said Rick, an exorcist/evangelist from Orlando. He described recently passing a cemetery by car, where it "looked like cigarette smoke was coming from all the graves. Please tell God to save us," the entities' voices came to him. "I see dead people, angels and people from the 1700'...I've seen things that would make your skin curdle," the evangelist said.

"Dig a hole, deep and wide. A place where you can hide," was the singsong message Theresa from Albuquerque heard one morning while waking up. But judging by the "Doom & Gloom" line there ain't gonna be anyplace to hide!

Harry's Hydrogen

If we could mass produce 12 million wind turbines and modify our existing vehicles we'd be all set for a hydrogen economy, said Harry Braun who was the guest during the first hour of Friday's program. "The chemistry (to create hydrogen) is no more difficult than making a cup of coffee," he added. But while Braun was pleased that Pres. Bush recently announced plans to implement hydrogen usage in our country, he was concerned that Bush was too focused on deriving it from coal and nuclear plants, rather than the wind machines.