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The 11:11 Phenomenon

First half guest Dr. Glen MacPherson has researched and documented a Hum heard by people all over the world. The sound is louder indoors than outdoors, and louder late at night than during the afternoon. In the more serious cases, the Hum can affect quality of life; in a number of documented instances, the torment of the noise has been life-altering. MacPherson shared the latest from his scientific investigation into the phenomenon, which seems to indicate that the culprit may be electromagnetic pollution by Very Low Frequency (VLF) waves. This was followed in the second half by Open Lines.

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The 11:11 Phenomenon

Show Archive
Date: Tuesday - February 11, 2003
Host: George Noory
Guests: Solara Whitedove, Steve Quayle

"Whenever you see 11:11 it is really a positive thing," said Solara, a visionary author and lecturer who appeared on Tuesday night's show. She believes that seeing this number combination is a "pre-encoded trigger" that is meant to activate you when you reach a certain level of awakening. "It's like a huge wake-up call," she said. That must have been good news to George Noory and the numerous listeners who have been seeing 11:11 with unusual frequency lately.

According to Solara, the 11:11 phenomenon relates to a set of 4 pillars she sees in the universe, which have opened up to form a 20-year bridge (begun in 1992), in which people can reach a new level of being, moving away from dualities and into a state of oneness. "We're all part of one living organic being," she said.

Solara, who as a child attended the UFO conventions at Giant Rock with her mother, sometimes speaks in a unique "star language" which she said makes some people cry when they hear it. It's a language she said reaches people at the deepest level of their being, and she also communicates to wild animals with it. She offered a brief message on the program. Clearly enunciated, her heartfelt "star language" sounded like a cross between Japanese and American Indian. She declined to offer a translation of it.

Spotlight on: Solara

Making her debut tonight on Coast to Coast is Solara, a visionary and author. According to her website bio, she is neither a guru or channeler, but "an intrepid explorer into the Unknown," who serves as a catalyst for others to activate their own mastery. She has traveled the world since 1987 presenting workshops, classes and talks. The author of 11: 11: Inside the Doorway, she writes that we are in the midst of a time period between 1992 and 2011 where a "vast transformation doorway between duality and Oneness...is in effect."

Solara also presents monthly "Surf" reports (via subscription on her website) in which she outlines her insights based on fluctuating energy patterns. In an overview article she writes "the year 2003 is a pivotal year in which events on the world stage could play themselves out in a variety of ways. It's similar to a teeter-totter…If you sit on one end of it, perhaps you are filled with nationalism and anger and want to make war upon your perceived 'enemies.' If you sit on the other end, then perhaps you are praying for peace..." But the really big choice she says is not which end of the teeter-totter to sit on, but if we can avail ourselves of the opportunity to jump off the seesaw of duality entirely.

Preparing for the Worst

"The big picture in my opinion is World War III," said disaster preparedness expert Steve Quayle who was the guest during the first hour of Tuesday's show. Adding to concerns over bin Laden's new call to violence and the current heightened security alert, Quayle believes the recent Internet attack was a "probing event," possibly designed to test the waters for a larger infrastructure assault. "People need an organized plan when it comes to survival," Quayle said, explaining that the government's suggestions (such as duct taping plastic over windows in the event of a chemical attack) are mere placebos.