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Bermuda Triangle

Guest host Richard Syrett welcomed scientist Dr. Richard Alan Miller, a pioneer in the annals of metaphysical and paranormal exploration. Miller discussed the protocols developed for Navy SEALs to create super soldiers and how these tools can be used for one's own personal evolution of consciousness. In the second half, inventor Aaron Murakami talked about his research, theories, and experiments with Plasma Ignition System technology.

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Bermuda Triangle

Show Archive
Date: Wednesday - July 16, 2003
Host: George Noory
Guests: David Hatcher Childress

Maverick archeologist and adventurer, David Hatcher Childress discussed the mysterious Bermuda Triangle. He cited a number of cases where planes and boats simply vanished without a trace in the area roughly between Bermuda, Florida and Puerto Rico.

A green mist or fog has often been reported before anomalous events occur, such as a pilot's navigation instruments suddenly going haywire. "There's no one simple answer," Childress said, of what causes the unusual activity in the Triangle. In the area is the deep water port of Andros Island which is home to the US facility AUTEC, which he suggested might be conducting clandestine Area 51-styled experiments.

Childress thinks there could well be vortices in the Bermuda Triangle that function as a kind of hyperdimensional doorway. Further, he believes UFOs are part of the equation, and that there could be underwater alien bases in this zone. A number of USOs (unidentified submersible objects) have been sighted, and he said these craft may be able to fly into the air, as well as go underwater. Interestingly, Childress mentioned an area off the coast of Japan, called The Dragon's Triangle, which also has reports of many missing maritime vessels and aircraft.

Hollow Earth Theories

One of prolific author David Hatcher Childress' books, Lost Continents & The Hollow Earth, examines the Shaver Mysteries and various theories concerning the possibility that the Earth is hollow. These theories generally purport that the Earth is donut shaped and has entrances at the two poles. Some of Richard Shaver's original material from the 1940's is included in the book. He writes that a series of subterranean tunnels run through the Earth and are inhabited by the Deros and Teros, descendants of an ancient spacefaring race.

Hatcher Childress chronicles the literature that has been written about the hollow earth idea, some of it dating back hundreds or even thousands of years (Plato had actually written about huge tunnels in the earth's interior). More recently, a 1955 Brazilian book called From the Subterranean World to the Sky presents an interesting thesis. The author, O.C. Huguenin, suggests that flying saucers were created 12,000 years ago by the Atlanteans, just before their continent was to sink. These escape ships were used to travel through the holes in the poles and migrate to an inner world.

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