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The Future Frontier

Date: 07-28-03
Host: George Noory
Guests: Jan Hodges

Blending the metaphysical and the scientific, frontier technologist and robotics expert, Jan Hodges (, discussed an array of topics on Monday night. In regards to future technology, he said that in a half-century from now, people will be identified by their unique frequency signatures, which are like "individual radios."

Hodges theorized that when people witness Shadow Beings or ghosts, their frequency has phased out for a moment, and they are privy to witnessing things that exist in another time frame. "There are things happening in a quadrillionth of a second we can't even imagine," he said.

Teleportation, he said, may be available in a limited capacity within 25 years. It would likely involve the transporting of raw materials from Point A to Point B, whereby the original object is recreated on the other end, not unlike how gifs and jpegs are sent by computer today. Hodges envisions robots built with biomaterials as being good candidates for initial explorations on Mars, but by 2120, he speculated that the red planet will have 100,000 human colonists living there.


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