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Terror Alert

Date: 09-09-03
Host: George Noory
Guests: Gary Pratt, Steve Quayle, Douglas Hagmann

Bioterrorism expert Steve Quayle ( and surveillance specialist Douglas Hagmann ( joined the program on Tuesday to present their analysis of what they believe to be a heightened state of terror alert. "We're sensing a build-up," Quayle said, who sees "everything from a cyber attack, to an interruption in the power grid, to a concerted financial attack," as likely to happen within the next 30 days.

Hagmann concurred, saying that the threat "appears to be building to a crescendo." The possibilities for suicide bombings, and biological and chemical attacks happening within the US in the next year, are around 80%, he said. Even more alarming, Hagmann suggested the likelihood for a "dirty bomb" to be exploded here was 70-80% in the same time frame. Quayle believes should such attacks occur, the US will go after Pakistan, Iran and North Korea, countries he said were known for sponsoring such terrorism. And America's retaliatory wrath could involve the use of nuclear weapons, he said.

China and Russia were also implicated the two guests agreed. Further, the "New World Order," or Illuminati could be initiating this war to disrupt the "old world order," for their advantage Quayle opined. "The enemy doesn't even realize they're being played by unseen puppet strings," he said.


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