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Flatwoods Monster UFO Case

In the first half, Grant Cameron, discussed how the Clintons have been the most open about their handling of the UFO mystery and the role of Clinton's campaign manager, John Podesta.

Christopher Mellon, who has spent nearly 20 years in the government serving in various national security positions, followed in the second half, detailing his experiences in the intelligence community and his belief that there is no organized UFO coverup, but simply a strong reluctance to deal with the subject.

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Flatwoods Monster UFO Case

Show Archive
Date: Friday - September 12, 2003
Host: George Noory
Guests: Stanton Friedman, Frank Feschino, Open Lines

"It seemed to be a mechanical device, perhaps with an alien inside," said researcher Stanton Friedman. Friedman and fellow researcher Frank Feschino were discussing the fascinating Flatwoods Monster UFO case during the first half of Friday's show.

Feschino commented that when the incident occurred, exactly 51 years ago in Braxton County, Virginia, there had been a UFO flap in the area, with some 20 sightings and a TV news account of a flaming object in the sky. What witnesses, a group of boys playing football, described as the "monster" was a strange thing about 10 feet high, which gave off a noxious smell that made them sick, and so they ran from it, Friedman recounted.

An adult witness whom Feschino interviewed, said he saw the "monster" enter a large oval craft about the size of a "two-car garage," which had a white vapor light and a pink glow. The two researchers conjectured that the "monster" was initially sent out of the craft, after it landed possibly due to a malfunction. Soil samples that contained an oily residue were sent to Washington DC, Feschino said, but nothing more was ever heard about them, and witnesses were reportedly told to keep quiet about the incident.

Open Lines

The second half of Friday's program featured Open Lines. There was a special "Attacked by Demons," line that attracted several tales of malicious entities, one whom a caller described as looking just like the creature from the film Legend.

Other interesting calls included a man named Deacon who said he was sailing in the Bermuda Triangle and lost thirteen days, having possibly passed through a kind of time warp.

Two callers described their encounters with the Ouija board, one receiving advice from a friendly spirit for a years' time, the other perplexed by a being who identified himself as "Gamok," as electrical appliances in the home turned on and off. The night closed with a musical tribute to Johnny Cash, who passed away on September 12th.

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Johnny Cash: In Memoriam

Music legend Johnny Cash, passed away Friday, September 12, 2003, in Nashville, Tennessee.The following statement was issued today by manager of Johnny Cash, Lou Robin:

"In honor of the Cash families privacy during these times, the decision has been made to hold private - both the visitation and the funeral services. They wish to thank everyone for their prayers at this difficult time."

The following statement was issued today by the family of Johnny Cash:
"The family of Johnny Cash, in this sad hour, is greatly comforted by the outpouring of love and respect for his remarkable life. We also take solace in the knowledge that he is again reunited with his dearest companion, June. Our lives, and indeed the entire planet, will forever feel the emptiness of his loss, but his music and the greatness of his spirit will endure."

A public memorial is being planned and the date is yet to be announced.

Flowers may be sent to:
Hendersonville Funeral Home
353 Johnny Cash Parkway
Hendersonville, TN 37075
Donations may be sent to:
SOS Children Villages USA
1317 F Street NW #550
Washington, DC 20004

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Bumper music from Friday September 12, 2003