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Positive Psychology

Date: 12-17-03
Host: George Noory
Guests: Dr. Paul Pearsall

"Healing is not getting better, it's making yourself whole," said Dr. Paul Pearsall (, an educational psychologist and author, who was the main guest on Wednesday's program. As an advocate for the new field of "positive psychology," Pearsall believes that people can thrive through the strength they gain experiencing suffering and adversity.
He feels the platitude-filledself help movement is detrimental to people's growth, and that there is a kind of "health terrorism," that tells people who are ill, that they must have a positive attitude if they want to get better. Through his research, Pearsall has concluded that such self-oriented techniques don't work for many people. Prayer can have a positive effect, he said, if it is directed to a higher power to work its will, rather than self-specific. Interestingly, he found in some situations actually "learning to give up" can be helpful, instead of wasting energy in a useless battle.
Pearsall, who lives and works in Hawaii, incorporates concepts from the Hawaiian language and culture into his work. He spoke of their notion of "flow," as their way of interacting with the world, as opposed to the mainland style which is based around the idea of self-determinism.


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Dr. Glotch's Time Travel Device

This drawing was made by George Noory of Dr. Irving Glotch's Time Travel device, that he proposes to use on George. Click on image to view larger.
Here is an excerpt from a Q & A that Streamlink(1) members held with Dr. Glotch last night. Members can read the full transcript here(2).
Hello Dr. Glotch. Did you really send a plant into the past?
Dr. Irving Glotch
Mr. Noory misunderstood me. The Time Travel experiment and a teleportation device I am working on are two different devices. Mr. Noory thought they were one and the same. They are not. Yes, I teleported a small plant and a mouse from point A to point B. But cannot disclose anything else at this time on this subject. Thank you.
Grey's Anatomy
Hi Doctor. Why the aluminum suit?
Dr. Irving Glotch
An aluminum suit is NOT necessary. However I believe that because of the force field that will surround Mr. Noory that it could be helpful for him.
George fan
Dr. long have you been working on your time travel machine??
Dr. Irving Glotch
24 years
Hi Dr Glotch, do you believe in Parallel Universes?
Dr. Irving Glotch
You are very astute Jeremy. Yes, absolutely
Please tell us if George will be safe???
Dr. Irving Glotch
I believe he will be
Dr Glotch, will you eventually have a time machine for the public?
Dr. Irving Glotch
Not in the foreseeable future. I am doing this for personal, not financial reasons.
Is it physical travel or a spiritual travel?
Dr. Irving Glotch
It is traveling through another dimension or plane. A dimension of time and space that interconnects all things in the universe. I believe that Mr. Noory will be able to tap into this, but concentrating on a specific region and time period.
Dr Glotch: do you have a way to increase George's resonance or is that a trade secret?
Dr. Irving Glotch
You listeners must have degrees in physics!!!!!
What do you mean force field??
Dr. Irving Glotch
The field of universal life is an uncharted force. George Lucas was correct in his Star Wars movies about the force. Think of a wireless internet without time and space constraints.
What have you accomplished with the time machine so far?
Dr. Irving Glotch
It has worked on me and an assistant. Mr. Noory has been selected because of his vast audience.


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