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Bigfoot and UFOs

In the first half of the program, pharmacist and nutritionist Benjamin Fuchs discussed the dangers of prescription drugs and what we can do to avoid becoming another tragic statistic. In the latter half, author and columnist Jerome Corsi provided an update on Iran's ongoing attempts to develop a nuclear weapon and what it might mean for the future of the Middle East.

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Bigfoot and UFOs

Show Archive
Date: Monday - December 22, 2003
Host: George Noory
Guests: Stan Gordon, Douglas Hagmann, Jim Berkland

UFO and Bigfoot researcher, Stan Gordon shared accounts of his first hand investigations of strange events that occurred in Pennsylvania in the 1970's. In the summer of 1973 he said there was one of the largest outbreak of Bigfoot sightings in history, over a seven-county area.

In one unusual case, Gordon noted that an 8-ft. tall creature was seen carrying a "small glowing sphere." In fact, he said that in a number of instances, UFO and Bigfoot sightings have been made at the same time. He told of cabin dwellers that were surrounded by five creatures with "glowing red eyes," that were accompanied by a craft hovering over the trees that resembled "a big Christmas tree ornament."

In another investigation, which involved a dome-shaped object that emitted a high-pitched sound, a man who was there, began to growl wildly in the middle of the field, Gordon reported. The man fell down and began to rant about the "end of the world," as a strong sulphur-like odor (like that associated with Bigfoot) permeated the air. For more, check out images here.

California Quake

First half-hour guest was geologist Jim Berkland who offered his analysis of the recent quake in California and said that he had predicted it in his newsletter. Further, he said he expects a 7.0 quake somewhere along the Ring of Fire to occur in this time frame.

Orange Alert

Douglas Hagmann of the Northeast Intelligence Network appeared in the second half of Monday's first hour to comment on the latest Orange Alert. Hagmann warned that al Qaeda may be planning a multi-faceted attack that's "very well coordinated," and will "encompass more than one target." He said they may use cargo planes as missiles and they probably have access to weapons of mass destruction.

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George's Time Travel

George Noory has announced further details of the time travel experiment he will begin on Friday Dec. 26th, under the supervision of physicist and hypnotherapist, Dr. Irving Glotch. A device created by Glotch, which is said to allow for "dimensional" rather "physical" travel, uses "eye fluttering," "special tones," and a "massaging of the nerves," to achieve its effects.

George has submitted two time periods he is interested in traveling back to: Roswell, NM July 1947 and to the mid-6th century to see if an asteroid hit caused the Dark Ages. To view a sketch of the device and a Q & A with Dr. Glotch, click here.

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