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Oil, Drugs, & 9-11

In the first half, independent author and researcher Ashton Gray made a case that the first Watergate break-in never happened, and that the offices of the Democratic National Committee were never bugged. He told a story that involved Nixon, the CIA, L. Ron Hubbard, Scientology and remote viewing, and a race to beat the USSR to unlock the secrets of parapsychology.

In the second half, Matthew Petti shared his research which he claims has uncovered a remarkable story about a race of superior beings that existed before the earliest humans. He says the evidence is in many ancient texts that describe superior beings who taught mankind how to build civilizations and achieve more than they dreamed was possible.

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Oil, Drugs, & 9-11

Show Archive
Date: Wednesday - April 14, 2004
Host: George Noory
Guests: Michael Ruppert

"Something is fundamentally broken," in the US government said Michael Ruppert, the publisher and editor of the From the Wilderness newsletter. He came to this conclusion, he said, after discovering that the CIA was trafficking in drugs in 1977. The pattern continues today, he noted, outlining how the CIA is controlling Afghanistan's bumper crop of opium this year. The "American economy is addicted to drug money," explained Ruppert, citing that half a trillion dollars is laundered through Wall St.

As to the current War on Terror, it is being done strictly because "the world is running out of hydrocarbon energy," said Ruppert. The major banks and oil companies recognized the necessity of seizing oil, he continued. Further, there remains many unanswered questions behind the 9-11 attacks, and a suspicious trail of evidence that points to profiteering and other agendas by groups in the upper echelons of power (see this article posted on his site).

Looking ahead to our future, 2005 is going to be a very difficult year for the US, Ruppert posited. The destabilization of the Saudi Arabian government will force "President Kerry" to send troops to protect the Saudi oil fields, and the draft will be reinstated, he predicted.

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