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The Saturn Mothership

In the first half, Jimmy Church (email) welcomed futurist and visionary author Caroline Cory, who discussed the principle that all existence is Energy, which manifests in infinite forms. In he second half, Ben Hansen, paranormal researcher and host of Smithsonian Channel's "UFOs Declassified," analyzed appearances of presidents and candidates as they spoke about the UFO subject on national TV.

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The Saturn Mothership

Show Archive
Date: Friday - August 20, 2004
Host: George Noory
Guests: Riley Martin, Open Lines

During the middle two hours of the program, author Riley Martin discussed his experiences aboard a mothership near Saturn and his interactions with an alien race called the Biaviians. He said the recent photos taken by the Cassini spacecraft of a brightly illuminated object above Saturn show the alien mothership he visited on several occasions.

Martin's story began in Northeastern Arkansas in 1953 when, according to him, he saw lights in the sky above the St. Francis River. Martin claims to have heard voices calling him to the river one night, where he witnessed two beings descending from a spaceship. The aliens, called Tan and Nela, brought Martin aboard their craft and took him to a mothership orbiting near Saturn. Martin described the mothership as 40 km (28 mi) across with domed gardens and powered by "hydrogen-fed fusion cores."

Martin said the Biaviian civilization is located 450 light years from earth, but the aliens can travel that distance in a mere 4 1/2 years. According to Martin, members of the Biaviian race stands about 4-feet high with large heads, oval-shaped eyes and skin colors ranging from olive black to chalk white. They have elongated arms and four-fingered hands extending almost to the knee. Martin said that tens of thousands of Biaviians live and work on the mothership, and they communicate with each other telepathically.

Martin alleges to have been taught many things while on the mothership. On one occasion he asked Tan about the existence of other life in the Milky Way Galaxy. Tan replied, "If you should visit a new living sphere each day for the duration of your gestation you would not even begin to tax the number, neither would I." Since Tan's race can extend their existence for thousands of years, Martin concluded that our galaxy must be filled with countless living planets.

Freaky Friday

During the last hour of Friday's Open Lines a caller said she and a friend record EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomena) at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood. She claims to have captured the ghostly voices of Marilyn Monroe and Montgomery Clift. The caller played a clip in which she purports Clift says "Talking to me?" in response to her question. Another caller said he was a psychic vampire, who must feed on other people's emotions and energy in order to avoid feeling sick. He told George he has learned to control his vampirism, but sometimes inadvertently hurts his prey by feeding from the wrong energies.

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