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Ghosts & Pure Evil

Melvin Dummar says justice was stolen from him as a result of a grand conspiracy to deny him his portion of billionaire Howard Hughes' vast estate. Many consider Dummar to be a fraud but an in-depth investigation by veteran FBI agent, Gary Magnesen, has shown Dummar to be a Good Samaritan who saved Hughes from certain death as he lay alone in the cold Nevada desert in December of 1967. Magnesen and Dummar join George Knapp to discuss why Hughes, the industrialist, movie producer, and test pilot, was in the desert to begin with, along with who schemed to deny Dummar and several institutions of their rightful share of the Hughes estate.

First hour guest, veteran music journalist, Joel Selvin, talks about the notorious Altamont concert of 1969, considered by many to be rock’s darkest day.

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Ghosts & Pure Evil

Show Archive
Date: Friday - February 25, 2005
Host: George Noory
Guests: Linda Moulton Howe, Open Lines

The last three hours of Friday's program featured Open Lines. Joe, a truck driver from Tennessee, recounted the time he worked as an orderly at a nursing home. According to his story, he walked into a resident's room and saw a foggy mist in the shape of a body standing near the bed. Joe said the ghost passed through him, sending an "ice cold" feeling through his body. Stranger still, the resident also claims to have seen the entity.

Another caller shared his encounter with a ghostly delivery man when he was a child. He said his father had forgotten to pick up his only suit from the cleaners the day before Easter. Upset that he could not wear a suit to church services, the caller remembers sulking on the porch when a man in a white delivery van pulled up and handed him his suit. When his mother called the next day to thank the cleaners for delivering the suit on Sunday, she was told their delivery guy had been killed while making his rounds on Saturday. The caller said his father was so upset by the episode that he moved the family back to Texas.

A corrections officer from Kansas called George's "Pure Evil" hotline. He recalled the time a 6' 7" inmate doing time for murder bashed in the head of another inmate after losing a bet. The caller said he also witnessed this inmate break a stray cat's neck and was told by him, "I could easily do the same to you."

Mars Update

In the first hour, reporter and editor for Earthfiles.com, Linda Moulton Howe, presented an update on the latest Mars findings, which could help answer the question about life on the red planet once and for all.

Linda said discoveries made by Mars rover Spirit in the "Columbia Hills" seem to indicate that Martian rocks have been exposed to a lot of water. According to Larry Crumpler, Ph.D., Planetary Scientist and member of NASA Mars Spirit Rover team, "early Mars was really wet and suddenly that climate just changed very early in the history and things have been a lot drier since." Crumpler theorized that the ancient waters could have soaked into the ground, remained in a liquid state by the warmth inside Mars, and developed micro-organisms deep underground. Read more here.

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