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Dark Stories

In the first half, independent author and researcher Ashton Gray made a case that the first Watergate break-in never happened, and that the offices of the Democratic National Committee were never bugged. He told a story that involved Nixon, the CIA, L. Ron Hubbard, Scientology and remote viewing, and a race to beat the USSR to unlock the secrets of parapsychology.

In the second half, Matthew Petti shared his research which he claims has uncovered a remarkable story about a race of superior beings that existed before the earliest humans. He says the evidence is in many ancient texts that describe superior beings who taught mankind how to build civilizations and achieve more than they dreamed was possible.

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Dark Stories

Show Archive
Date: Friday - May 20, 2005
Host: George Noory
Guests: Linda Moulton Howe, Open Lines

The last two hours of Friday's program featured Open Lines. Jim from Ventura County recalled having a dream about a 70-foot tide hitting southern California. Jim indicated the rising tide was caused by a shifting of the planet, which, after it receded, left the water level two to four feet higher than before. Another caller from California, James, said he experiences night terrors and sleep paralysis every night. As a potential cure for people suffering from sleep paralysis or "Old Hag" syndrome, James recommended keeping a piece of metal by the bedside.

Daniel from Texas claims to have witnessed strange lights at night, which he believes could be the ghosts of famous bank robbers the Newton Boys. According to Daniel, the Newton's phantom car prowls the night looking for lost money. A caller from Cypress, California remembered the time he visited his grandmother's house when he was five years old. He said he'd been given a clown doll that later came to life and ran around his room.

George also offered a "Scared of the Dark" special topic line. One caller said she developed her fear of the dark as a sixth grader, after seeing a ghostly figure. Mike from Connecticut said he leaves his lights on to avoid having nightmares and OBEs. A caller from Oklahoma City said she was afraid of dark bathrooms, crediting the fear to the Bloody Mary game, in which children dare each other to stand before a bathroom mirror and chant "Bloody Mary" to summon Mary's evil spirit.

Exploding Toads

During the first two hours, investigative reporter, Linda Moulton Howe discussed the mysterious exploding cane toad phenomenon in Germany. More than 1,000 cane toads exploded to death at a lake near Hamburg, Germany between April 3 and April 7, 2005, Linda reported. According to an eye witness she interviewed, the toads swell to four times their regular size, then explode with enough force to send intestines flying a distance of one meter. A few explanations have been put forth, including crows plucking the livers out of the toads and human experimentation, but Linda said the case "remains baffling." Read more here.

Linda also talked about how changes in the Greenland Sea and Arctic will eventually cool Britain's climate, as well as provided an update on global crop formations. Linda said there have been 16 crop patterns in six countries so far in 2005, including unusual "randomly downed" crop formations in Oregon, North Carolina, and Arizona. Read more here.

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