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Ufology & Roswell

In the first half of the program, paranormal investigator Joshua P. Warren reported his recent trip to Washington, DC, to conduct an in-depth investigation of a strange photograph which appears to show a full-bodied apparition. Open Lines followed in the latter half of the show.

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Ufology & Roswell

Show Archive
Date: Monday - June 27, 2005
Host: Chris McGill
Guests: Stanton Friedman, Douglas Hagmann

Physicist Stanton Friedman returned to report on a variety of issues related to ufology. While many consider them to be fraudulent, the secret government files known as the MJ-12 documents which discuss the alien visitation of Earth, are authentic and only the tip of the iceberg, he argued.

He did however find fault with parts of Col. Philip Corso's testimony, which he said had inaccuracies, as well as the "Area 51" whistleblower Bob Lazar's statements. In regards to Nick Redfern's controversial new book about Roswell, which claimed that the UFO crash was actually a cover story for human experimentation, Friedman said he doesn't necessarily disagree that such nefarious testing took place, yet he does not find there to be a compelling connection to the Roswell case.

Friedman will next be appearing at the Roswell 58th Anniversary Celebration (the Roswell UFO Festival) this 4th July of weekend. He expects that Jesse Marcel Jr. will be in attendance (the two are grand marshals of the festivities). It was Marcel's father who allegedly brought back wreckage from the Roswell crash site, and the showed it to his son Jesse Jr.

Hagmann Update

First hour guest, intelligence expert Douglas Hagmann discussed China's military build-up, which was written about in a recent article in the Washington Times. The build-up is without provocation and China has a long history of having complicit relationships with terrorist organizations, he commented.

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Meet Chris McGill

Tonight's guest host, Chris McGill, has over 20 years of experience in the Louisville Radio Market, and served seven years as a traffic anchor and operations manager for Skyview Traffic, which later merged into Metro Traffic. It's not by accident that Chris is such a natural at the mike, prior to traffic he worked as a DJ for WQMF-FM, KISS 104 FM and WLRS-FM. Chris is now Mid-West Regional Director of Operations for Clear Channel Traffic and afternoon traffic anchor for WQMF, WTFX, WJZL, WZKF, WFPK and WFPL Radio.

Off the air, Chris spends much of his time with his wife Ronda enjoying their hobby of Paranormal Research. Chris is an active member of PROOV (Paranormal Researchers of Ohio Valley) and has been involved in the research of paranormal events for over 10 years. Some well known locations investigated have been 'Locust Grove', 'Loudoun House' in Lexington and the 'Christmas in Kentucky' store in LaGrange just to name a few! Chris has also been featured on WDRB-TV's 'Fox in the Morning', WHAS-TV 11 News as well as the 'Francene' show on 84WHAS Radio and in 'Velocity Magazine.' Chris is also the host of Dimensions Radio, a weekly show about the paranormal and unexplained.

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