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Psychic Forecast

In the first half, numerologist Glynis McCants talks about how the year 2016 is unfolding numerologically and what the numbers have to say about the economy, recently deceased music superstars and how the presidential hopefuls are doing.

In the second half, author and researcher David Wellington reveals details about government experimentation on U.S. citizens which includes exposure to pathogens without their knowledge, mind control programs, and exposure to radiation. He'll also discuss transgenics which combines DNA from one species to another resulting in creatures known as chimeras, as well as the rapid developments in drones and robotics.

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Psychic Forecast

Show Archive
Date: Tuesday - January 3, 2006
Host: George Noory
Guests: Sylvia Browne

Acclaimed psychic Sylvia Browne appeared for the 2nd and 3rd hours of the show, sharing her forecast for 2006. Among her predictions:

The weather will be even worse this year than 2005, with hurricanes in the Northeast, and floods in the Southeast, and more tornadoes than ever before. She blames "this damn warming trend."

  • Two large quakes will occur in Asia, with smaller ones in Washington and California.
  • There will not be a worldwide bird flu pandemic-- the disease will be mainly confined to Asia.
  • New health treatments include an insulin replacement for diabetes, a vaccine for stomach-related cancers, a breakthrough in MS involving the hypothalamus gland, and a vaccine that blocks the need for nicotine.
  • Gold and property remain good investments.
  • The popularity of Pres. Bush and Gov. Schwarzenegger will continue to slide downwards, and Congress and the Bush administration will be embroiled in more scandals.
  • Troops will begin returning from Iraq.
  • Trains and trucks continue to concern her as far as safety and terrorism.
  • The 2008 election will be between Kerry and McCain, and Kerry will win in a close vote.

The 4th hour and an additional 5th hour were devoted to Open Lines, with some callers reacting to the breaking story concerning the misreported news about the rescue of W. Va coal miners.

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Spirit Guide: Francine

Sylvia Browne has long talked about her spirit guide, Francine who gives her information from the other side. She first began receiving visitations from her when she was only eight years old and her parents initially thought Francine was just an imaginary friend. The guide, who identified herself as Iena (Sylvia rechristened her Francine, a name she was fond of at that time) told her she was an Indian born in Colombia in 1500 who was murdered when Spaniards plundered their country.

From 1520 until 1936 (the year of Sylvia's birth), Francine trained to become a "communicating guide," which would allow her to circumvent reincarnating on Earth again. The two met shortly after Sylvia "went down the tunnel into a fetus."Most living people have guides, though typically they are only aware of them on a subconscious level. Further, "most everyone on Earth has been or will be a spiritual guide for someone."

Source: Adventures of a Psychic by Sylvia Browne and Antoinette May.

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