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Special: UAE Port Controversy

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Special: UAE Port Controversy

Show Archive
Date: Wednesday - February 22, 2006
Host: George Noory
Guests: Captain Kelly Sweeney, Charles R. Smith, Steve Quayle, Howard Bloom, Jerome Corsi, Douglas Hagmann, Alex Jones

In this special program, six guests addressed the controversial United Arab Emirates port deal, which would put Dubai Ports World in charge of running major US shipping ports.

In order of appearance:
Maritime Master Capt. Kelly Sweeney suggested that the issue wasn't so much who owned the ports, but what security measures were being taken to ensure safety to Americans. He strongly believes we need increased Coast Guard inspections and that every shipping container should be screened for radioactivity.

Consultant Charles R. Smith commented that the UAE have been close military allies to the United States and have no obvious associations with terrorists. Yet like the Saudis, their country may harbor many enemies to the US, he noted.

Author Steve Quayle said "something doesn't pass the smell test" on the UAE deal, and related it to a larger "globalist" agenda that seeks to bring down the US financial structure in order to install a one-world economy. Foreign concerns already own 60% of all US public debt, and additionally there are deals in place to sell American toll roads to overseas interests, he detailed.

Paleopsychologist Howard Bloom presented a historical context of Mohammed in the Koran, pointing out that he praised the value of a surprise attack. He related this to the potential UAE deal, warning that a few extremists might get past Dubai's job screening process, and plant nuclear bombs in shipping containers going through the ports Dubai would control in the US.

Author Jerome Corsi expressed concerns about Iranian investments in Dubai. 300,000 Iranians live in Dubai and have 7,000 businesses there, and further, Dubai has acted as a bank for al Qaeda, he said. The port deal could be an "open door" for those with a criminal mentality to apply for jobs and then serve as terrorist sleepers, he cautioned.

Security expert Douglas Hagmann said it's the wrong time and place for the UAE port deal. We are at war and it doesn't make sense to outsource our strategic assets, particularly the flow of U.S. military assets through the ports in Beaumont and Corpus Christi, he outlined. Hagmann also discussed the problem of terrorist training groups within the United States.

Radio host and filmmaker Alex Jones commented that the port deal was being rushed through without the customary 45 day review and pointed out how highly placed executives were involved (Bush recently picked a senior executive of Dubai Ports World, David Sanborn, to run the Department of Transportation's Maritime Administration). Jones further addressed how such deals are dismantling U.S. sovereignty.

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