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Predictions, Picks & Remote Viewing

A remarkable discovery has emerged in astrophysics: key properties of the universe have just the right values to make life possible. Most scientists prefer to explain away this uniqueness, insisting that a number of unseen universes must therefore exist, each randomly different. Astrophysicist Bernard Haisch joined George Knapp in the first half of the show to propose the alternative—that the special properties of our universe reflect an underlying intelligent consciousness.

In the second half of the program, veteran journalist Chris Taylor talked about how the Star Wars franchise has conquered our culture with a sense of lightness and exuberance, while remaining serious enough to influence politics, and spread a spirituality that appeals to religious groups and atheists alike.

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Predictions, Picks & Remote Viewing

Show Archive
Date: Wednesday - August 2, 2006
Host: George Noory
Guests: Sean David Morton

Intuitive consultant Sean David Morton returned to share his latest forecast and check in on his past predictions. He spoke at length about the date of August 3rd, 2006 as possibly being a trigger point for the beginning of World War III. The words 'Jerusalem,' 'atomic,' and 'world war' are linked to that date in the Bible Code, he said.

In regards to the economy, Morton warned that interest rates will continue to rise, causing problems for people with variable rate mortgages.

A 7+ quake was predicted by Morton to hit L.A. in 2010-- it will be centered in the Santa Monica Bay and waves will hit the basin area, along with a huge series of fires on the both sides of the Santa Monica Mountains. He also shared details of his remote viewing of Mars-- five million years ago, a civilization flourished near Cydonia, with tall pale beings that had "large distended heads." Reiterating some of the predictions made in the Vajra Chronicles, he recounted a final battle between the U.S. & China around 2018-2020, in which the Chinese are defeated at the "Plateau of Judgment," -- on the red mountains of Colorado.

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