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UFO & Psychic Connections

Paranormal researcher and author specializing in mysterious events and historic curiosities, Mike Ricksecker, discussed his encounters with the paranormal, including shadow people and ghosts. Open Lines followed in the second half of the program.

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UFO & Psychic Connections

Show Archive
Date: Monday - November 6, 2006
Host: George Noory
Guests: Brent Raynes

Paranormal/UFO investigator Brent Raynes discussed his research on the connection between UFOs and psychic experience as well as how shamans induce otherworldly encounters. In one case, where a woman and her son witnessed a UFO, they subsequently experienced poltergeist activity and saw apparitions in their home, he reported. UFO encounters might increase psychic phenomena by altering a person's energy, Raynes theorized.

He cited the work of John Keel who has noted that out-of-body-experiences (OBEs) are often a component in alien abduction cases, and that the aliens themselves might be astral travelers using "energy form" ships that can move into and out of our reality. Raynes said he has also studied the work of pioneering UFO researcher Jacques Vallee (see interview).

It has been discovered that ancient shamanistic Peruvian Whistling Vessels, through the sound they make, can sometimes induce OBEs and unusual projections, he shared. On one occasion, a student studying a vessel at UCLA reportedly witnessed a vibrating cylinder object in the room. Raynes said that when a number of the jug-sized objects (new ones are made by Don Wright) are played together they can cause the inner ear to vibrate.

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