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Glowing Disc & Secret Space Program

In the first half, author and conspiracy researcher Donald Jeffries discussed such topics as the JFK assassination, the death Of JFK Jr., 9-11, and Bohemian Grove.

In the latter half, rock historian R. Gary Patterson and researcher Xaviant Haze addressed some of the mysteries and conspiracies surrounding Elvis Presley, including the fame, the darker side of the entertainment industry, and the always burning question…is Elvis still alive?

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Glowing Disc & Secret Space Program

Show Archive
Date: Friday - December 7, 2007
Host: George Noory
Guests: Linda Moulton Howe, Open Lines

Investigative reporter Linda Moulton Howe joined George for the first half of the program. She provided an update on her 11/29/07 report on a 'glowing disc' encounter in New Mexico in 1974. According to Linda, an additional eyewitness has come forward with more details (including sketches) about the glowing disc-shaped object as well as the military security operation surrounding it.

Linda also presented her research into a secret American military space program that allegedly began in the 1950s to run in parallel with the civilian and public NASA. She spoke with Richard Sauder, author of Underground Bases & Tunnels, about the USAF's Dyna-Soar project, as well as what he thinks motivated the start of the secret program and what convinces him it could still be going on today.

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