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The Bond Code

In the first half of the show, Scott Yarbrough discussed why he believes the changes in the sun cycles now have Earth entering an ice age, and outlined what we can do to prepare for the coming changes

In the latter half, writer and documentarian Lana Marconi and spiritual teacher Sanda Kyrzakos talked about their new project, The Resonance (view trailer), which explores how humanity is at a tipping point and now has the opportunity to integrate the message of higher level extraterrestrials, evolve in consciousness and become a new kind of human.

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The Bond Code

Show Archive
Date: Sunday - March 23, 2008
Host: George Knapp
Guests: Philip Gardiner, Luke Fortune

Author Philip Gardiner joined George Knapp to discuss the life of James Bond author Ian Fleming and his associations with the world of the occult which led him to create a series of clues, ciphers and codes within his novels.

Early in his life, Fleming became fascinated by the just-emerging study of psychology, which relied heavily on the occult, according to Gardiner. This interest, coupled with Fleming’s time as a spy during World War II, became the basis for the James Bond universe.

Gardiner cited a number of esoteric references in the James Bond stories, notably the "007" name being taken from the 16th century English spy John Dee, who used it as a signature in his letters to Queen Elizabeth. She, in turn, signed her responses with the letter "M," which Fleming used as the name of the fictional head of the MI6 spy agency.

The infamous Bond villains were rich with occult symbolism, said Gardiner. An example of this is the character "Auric Goldfinger," whose name is a combination of alchemical terms. Gardiner also noted that many Bond villains were modeled after Aleister Crowley, right down to descriptions matching Crowley’s physical appearance.

In the third hour, Gardiner also talked about some of his other research, including secret societies like the Freemasons, Skull and Bones, and the Knight Templar. He discussed his impending trip to Kentucky to research an area that has seen a number of events of high strangeness and was a sacred Freemasonic location. Talking about his examination of the hard science for life after death, Gardiner stressed the important of brain frequencies and how they allow for a "quantum connection to the universe itself."

Patented UFOs

First hour guest Luke Fortune talked about his research into patented technologies that resemble reported UFOs in both structure and abilities. Fortune described patents that he’d found for electro-gravitic craft, plasma propulsion systems, and magneto-hydrodynamic technology that "explain how a craft can appear as a glowing ball of light and be invisible to radar."

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