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Bigelow Aerospace

Researcher and monster investigator Linda Godfrey discussed her strange creature investigations and the bizarre discoveries associated with them. "I seem to be getting more reports in which it was obvious there were connections to other things," she said, noting a possible link between creatures, such as bigfoot and upright canines, and unexplainable lights, UFOs, weird zones of quietness, strange mists, and portals.

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Bigelow Aerospace

Show Archive
Date: Sunday - September 28, 2008
Host: George Knapp
Guests: Robert Bigelow, Matthew Stein

During the first half of the program, entrepreneur Bob Bigelow discussed Bigelow Aerospace, the decline of NASA, and the formation of a new company aimed at finding exotic technologies. Detailing the goals of Bigelow Aerospace, he explained that they hope to lease their facilities to countries that are developing their own space agencies and to corporations wanting to perform experiments in a zero gravity environment. This model would allow for clients to save money by not having to create their own massively expensive hardware.

Bigelow was critical of the decline of NASA, but also stressed that the problems with the space agency were systemic of a larger problem in America. "I see that America has, and is, squandering its leadership in many areas, not just in the area of space," he said. Bigelow was also skeptical about the future of manned space flight vehicles being developed by NASA, pointing out that there have been about a half dozen such programs initiated and then shut down over the last 30 years.

Bigelow also broke the news of the creation of Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies (BAASS). He explained that his research into the UFOs has convinced him that the phenomenon is real and that the goal of BAASS is to find technologies akin to UFO propulsion methods. As an example of what the company would be searching for, he said, "we would love to find something that levitates."

Preparing for Disaster

In the latter half of the show, author Matthew Stein talked about the popular interest in preparedness and how individuals can ready themselves for unexpected chaos. According to Stein, "having the self-reliance skills to do what our grandparents and their parents knew how to do is very important in this coming time."

Stein listed a number of ways in which people can be prepared for disastrous events. One such suggestion was to acquire a "super efficient" vehicle, whether it be an electrically powered motor scooter or a plug-in hybrid car. Additionally, he emphasized the need for people to begin developing their own home gardens so that they can become self-reliant in the event of food shortages. Stein also suggested having an out of town contact who can act as a conduit between family members in the event that communications fail during an emergency.

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