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Military Experiments

First Half: Former Independent governor of Minnesota, Jesse Ventura is also a former professional wrestler, a movie actor, and a visiting fellow at Harvard Kennedy School of Government. He'll discuss corporate and government conspiracies which he believes are undermining the fabric of the country, such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership, Big Pharma and the oil industry's influence on politicians on both sides of the aisle.

2nd Half: Expert in the healing power of animal companionship, specifically the human-animal bond and grief recovery, Diane Pomerance, Ph.D., will discuss the profound influence of her mentor, Katherine Hayward, a renowned British psychic, medium, healer and visionary. She'll share Hayward's insights and predictions including her advice to cancel a booking on the Titanic, how all life is interconnected, the power of thought, and the immortal nature of our existence.

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Military Experiments

Show Archive
Date: Sunday - February 15, 2009
Host: George Knapp
Guests: Gordon P. Erspamer, Dr. James Ketchum, Frank Rochelle, Trevor Paglen

George Knapp was joined by attorney Gordon P. Erspamer and psychiatrist Dr. James Ketchum, who engaged in a spirited debate over military experiments conducted on troops during the 1950s and 60s. The two guests offered vastly different perspectives on how much soldiers were told about the tests and just who was behind the project.

Ketchum, who conducted such tests for the Army at the Edgewood Arsenal facility, said that the research was aimed at protecting soldiers against potential chemical attacks by enemy nations. He contended that the soldiers in the program were "prepared quite thoroughly." Ketchum detailed a rigorous process in which "they have plenty of time to ask questions and have them answered and they also have the opportunity to withdraw from any study they don't want to go into."
Erspamer vehemently disagreed with Ketchum's claims that the soldiers were extensively informed about the experiments, saying "it's absolutely contrary to my understanding and all the discussions I've had with every single soldier I've spoken to." He asserted that the participants at Edgewood had been duped beforehand and told that they'd be testing military equipment. "Once there, they just started injecting them with various codenamed substances," Erspamer alleged.

In the latter half of the program, they were joined by Frank Rochelle, who was one of the soldiers tested at the Edgewood facility. "I signed a paper stating that I knew all the facts involved, which was a lie," he said. Regarding the lack of informed consent afforded to the soldiers, he put forth the rhetorical question, "How can you know something when that's the purpose of the test is to find out what the results are?"

Secret Sites

Appearing during the first hour, Trevor Paglen discussed his research into the Pentagon's secret sites. Paglen talked about the infamous Area 51 lawsuit which resulted in the government receiving protected status for such locations. He explained how this set a dangerous legal precedent which is still in use today. Paglen noted that secret government sites exist in a variety of places, including at international locations and even a building in San Francisco which Paglen says is the "hub of the NSA's domestic surveillance system."

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