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Ghost Cats & Open Lines

In the first half, Richard Syrett was joined by Douglas James Cottrell, a spiritual master who teaches people how to connect with their inner power. He spoke about his methodology, what he calls "quantum meditation," in which he goes into a trance state and is able to give readings for clients.

In the latter half, Rosa Koire, executive director of the Post Sustainability Institute, explained why Agenda 21, a United Nations plan to control all land, water, and resources, is bad news for the world.

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Ghost Cats & Open Lines

Show Archive
Date: Friday - November 6, 2009
Host: George Noory
Guests: Dusty Rainbolt, Open Lines

Broadcasting live from WLS-AM in Chicago, George Noory hosted an evening of Open Lines. Derek told George about strange experiences he had while living in a house in Saginaw, Michigan. On one night, Derek said he heard footsteps around his bed and remembers his cat, Isis, letting out a horrifying screech at whatever might have been in the room. About three months later, Derek claims to have seen his am/fm radio levitate, as if it had been picked up by a spirit. He said the cat would not go back into the room after that.

Nick, a 17-year-old from California, described the Slender Man -- a shadow man-type figure, very thin, with unnaturally long limbs, and wearing a black suit. Nick likened his appearance to Jack Skellington from the animated movie, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and said his girlfriend had seen him once when she was young. According to legend, the Slender Man seeks to kidnap children.

Richard in Kentucky informed George about Continental Congress 2009, a grassroots movement to document the grievances of the people against the Federal government and to hold them accountable for their bad decisions. More info at www.cc2009.us. Randy from Dayton, Ohio shared the story of Johnny Morehouse, who supposedly fell into a canal and froze to death in the 1800s. After he was buried, the story goes, his dog remained at his grave site.

The final hour featured a replay of Open Lines from 1/11/08.

Ghost Cats

In the first hour, writer Dusty Rainbolt discussed ghost cats, as well as her own paranormal experience with the spirit of a foster cat. Rainbolt had been taking care of a sickly orphan cat named Maynard, when his health problems worsened and he was put down. Shortly afterward, an invisible force that felt like a cat jumped on the bed and laid on top of her feet, she said. Rainbolt believes this was the spirit of Maynard coming back for a visit. Rainbolt also talked about locations where ghost cats have been encountered, and shared the legend of the Demon Cat of Washington D.C., said to appear before great tragic events.

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