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Past-Life Therapy

George Knapp welcomed DNA expert, Melba Ketchum, for the entire 4-hour program, for a discussion on her Bigfoot research, as well as her testing or planned testing of samples from four giant and elongated skulls, and other giant remains. She addressed some of the controversies surrounding her previous DNA analysis of alleged Bigfoot hair and related samples, which yielded strange results that suggested some kind of human hybrid or mutation.

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Past-Life Therapy

Show Archive
Date: Tuesday - November 10, 2009
Host: George Noory
Guests: Dr. Brian Weiss

Appearing during all 4 hours, Dr. Brian Weiss discussed past-life therapy with amazing stories from around the world of clinical, physical, and emotional healing, including weight loss and personal transformations. He described his hypnosis technique of progressive relaxation, a 10-15 minute process (faster for those experienced with hypnosis) that allows him to take people back to their previous lives. Many people are able to have phobias, pain, and mental blocks removed or lessened after they re-experience a past-life trauma, he said. For instance, a person with neck pain might have died from strangulation or hanging. These events aren't painful to remember because the subject is watching them from a distance, he added.

One of his clients, an obese woman, discovered a past life in which she died of starvation at a concentration camp. After this realization, she was finally able to lose the extra weight. Another overweight woman experienced sex abuse in a past life, and was using weight to be less attractive to men in this life, he noted. Fragments from past lives can emerge in dreams, and Weiss shared one of his own dreams of being a Catholic priest during the Inquisition who was tortured for teaching forbidden subjects.

After a person dies, their soul can reincarnate within a day or a century-- there is no time on the Other Side, and the return to a new body depends on the needs of the soul, and the timing of who they are coming back with (souls often reincarnate with the same or similar groups), he detailed. Fascinatingly, "soul splitting" might be possible, in which a soul experiences simultaneous lives, he commented. Also, some of his clients have reported that in distant past lives, some 10,000-30,000 years ago, they migrated to Earth from other planets. Dr. Weiss will be giving a presentation at the Celebrate Your Life Conference in Phoenix this Friday, November 13th.

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