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Christmas Open Lines

Filling in for George Noory, guest host Jimmy Church (email) was joined for the entire 4-hour program by Gregg Housh, who discussed the secret world of hackers and hacktivism, the dark web, and his key role in the hacker collective Anonymous.

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Christmas Open Lines

Show Archive
Date: Friday - December 25, 2009
Host: George Noory
Guests: Open Lines

George Noory hosted a night of Christmas Open Lines. MoonDog from NightHawkZone.com announced that he suffered a heart attack last week and will likely need double bypass surgery. Despite his recent health problems, MoonDog considers himself blessed because of George Noory, the worldwide Coast to Coast family, and his online forum relationships.

Santa Bob in Columbia Falls, Montana told George that he has missed 16 of daughter's 17 birthdays due to work commitments at a company in New Jersey. This year, however, he decided to take time off to "smell the coffee" and celebrate with his daughter and family. He also shared a humorous story about a little boy who was listing what he wanted for Christmas when he suddenly stopped and asked him, "Is it true you used to drink beer with my grandpa?" Apparently, the child's grandfather had suggested he leave Santa a beer instead of milk and cookies.

Notorious repeat caller J.C. phoned in to share his version of The Night Before Christmas.

Several surprise guests, including R. Gary Patterson, Paola Harris, David Wilcock, Dr. Roger Leir, Dannion Brinkley, William Henry, Joshua P. Warren, Richard C. Hoagland, Katherine Albrecht, Dr. Robin Falkov, and Dr. Louis Turi, dropped in throughout the evening to share their holiday greetings and fondest Christmas memories and stories.

Renowned medium James Van Praagh recounted an amazing incident he had at a recent event with a drunk man who had been emotionally crushed by the loss of his son, Michael. According to Van Praagh, Michael's spirit was standing next to his father in the audience and wanted him to know that it didn't hurt when he hit the ground (in a skydiving accident). Michael also thanked his father for getting a memorial tattoo on his chest, Van Praagh continued, noting how upon hearing this the astonished father pulled up his shirt to reveal the tattoo. Van Praagh said the man returned months later, sober, and completely changed.

At the end of the program, George played a recording of famed broadcaster Lee Allan's reading of A Letter From Michael.

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