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Death Stars & UFO Strangeness

In the first half, analyst Craig Hulet offered commentary on current events, terrorism, and world conflicts. "It looks to me unbelievably clear that money is going to buy the presidency, and Jeb Bush will be the next president," he declared.

In the latter half, broadcast and print journalist Gary Grossman discussed his research into the chasm between deep time (the scientific estimate that Earth is 4.6 billion years old) and a young Earth (the claim that the planet is only 7-8,000 years old put forth by some religious groups), which serves as the backdrop for his new novel.

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Death Stars & UFO Strangeness

Show Archive
Date: Thursday - January 28, 2010
Host: George Noory
Guests: Linda Moulton Howe, Guy Kawasaki

Investigative reporter Linda Moulton Howe discussed full-body scanners at airports, Death Stars, and UFO strangeness and human abductions in Scotland. In her first report, she investigated claims by researcher Boian Alexandrov that terahertz radiation of body scanners (which may be used at airports for heightened security) might cause the unraveling of DNA. She brought this question to Prof. Phil Hanawalt from Stanford University, who said Alexandrov's work was theoretical rather experimental, and that terahertz radiation would only be damaging if a person had a long exposure to it. The brief scanning period at an airport would not be a harmful dosage, he explained. More here.

In her second segment, she reported on possible dangers to Earth from supernovae and gamma-ray bursts. In an interview with Prof. Adrian Melott from the University of Kansas, he talked about a previous extinction event around 450 million years ago that could have been brought about by gamma ray radiation hitting Earth. While there are no known stars within our galactic neighborhood that could turn into a supernova, a gamma ray burst could hit us, and we wouldn't know it till it arrived here, he said, adding that such occurrences would be extremely rare. Read more.

In her last two reports, she interviewed UFO researcher Malcolm Robinson, author of UFO Case Files of Scotland, who detailed two bizarre incidents. The first took place in Fife, Scotland in 1996, with multiple witnesses seeing beams of light, triangle-shaped craft, and a variety of non-human beings. Within a blue mist, "they saw hundreds of small grey creatures busily lifting up boxes and canisters," and later the witnesses observed small grey beings encased in floating, transparent bubbles. They also saw two extremely tall brown-colored beings with flat heads and pointed faces.

Robinson also discussed his investigation into Scotland's first alien abduction case from 1992, in which two men driving a car encountered lights, sounds and subsequently had 90 minutes of missing time. Through hypnosis, each man described encounters with non-human entities aboard a craft where round, tall tubes were used to store and activate bodies. One of the men found himself inside one of the tubes. For full reports on these two cases, see Part 1, Part 2.

Technology Commentary

First hour guest, author and venture capitalist Guy Kawasaki discussed technology concerns, and commented on Apple's new iPad, saying it's yet to be determined if it will turn out to be a revolutionary product.

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