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Twilight Zone & Great Stories

Earthfiles investigative reporter, Linda Moulton Howe discussed the continuing rumbling sounds in Windsor, Ontario; a retired Naval flight engineer's experiences in Antarctica that included the retrieval of 15 scientists after a 2-week-disappearance in 1994; a whistleblower who described seeing a photo of non-human construction inside a moon crater; and another whistleblower going on the record about the alterations of two different images.

First hour guest, former professor of climatology, Tim Ball, responded to a viral video of the jet stream crossing the equator.

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Twilight Zone & Great Stories

Show Archive
Date: Friday - February 19, 2010
Host: George Noory
Guests: Marc Zicree, Open Lines

In the first half of the program, George was joined by sci fi writer Marc Zicree for a discussion on the 1960s anthology series, The Twilight Zone. According to Zicree, creator Rod Serling originally wanted to call the show "Odd Street." Serling eventually settled upon -- and coined the term -- "Twilight Zone," he added. Zicree said Twilight Zone endures to this day because it was done "superlatively well" and presented "great truths" over the course of its 156-episode run.

Serling, who wrote ninety-two episodes himself, often focused on the nature of identity, Zicree continued. Serling believed the greatest fear of all was "fear of the unknown working on you, which you cannot share with others," he explained. Zicree also shared the story of finding un-filmed Twilight Zone scripts in Serling's attic, as well as talked about his work recording commentaries for the upcoming Blu-ray release of the series.

Throughout the interview, George played audio clips from various episodes (A Kind of a Stopwatch, The After Hours, And When the Sky Was Opened, and Eye of the Beholder) to test Zicree's knowledge of the series. Zicree passed with flying colors.


The latter half of the show was devoted to Open Lines. George offered a special hotline for callers to share the greatest stories they've ever heard or experienced. Star in California recounted a creepy Ouija Board experience. Star said she and her friends made their own board from instructions contained within a spell book. Using a coin as their planchette, which Star maintained "moved on its own," the board revealed letter-by-letter the entity with whom they were communicating: D-E-V-I-L. Star admitted to playing the board by herself with similar eerie results.

Mike in Livermore, California, recalled a time from his "misspent youth" when he jumped a Honda 175 motorcycle off the steep incline leading up to a railroad crossing. As he soared fifteen feet into the air, Mike discovered a line of traffic was stopped immediately on the other side of the tracks, where he needed to land. Mike said he narrowly avoided crashing, maneuvered around some cars, and came to a sudden stop next to a sheriff's car. Astonished onlookers cheered his Evel Knievel like stunt, Mike added, noting that he quickly took off and got into an accident just two blocks down the road.

Brook from Newport, Rhode Island, told George he used to live around the corner from the house of the late Ozzie Nelson, star of The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet and father of singer-actor Ricky Nelson. "The whole area seemed extremely haunted," Brook disclosed, pointing out some of the weird goings-on that have occurred in the neighborhood. According to Brook, Ozzie Nelson's ghost has been seen in his old home by family members. A mansion that once housed legendary film actor Errol Flynn and the notorious Charles Manson Family, but which now lies in ruin, reappears on some summer nights, he said. In addition, Brook claimed that on certain full moon nights several hundred people would be engaged in Satanic rites in the park.

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