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Demons, Evil, & Open Lines

Earthfiles investigative reporter Linda Moulton Howe discussed a new type of astronomical telescope known as the 'Dragonfly' which has discovered a "dark galactic twin of our Milky Way Galaxy;" recent unexplained animal mutilations; and eyewitness testimony of a triangular UFO in Iowa that seemingly sent out telepathic communications.

First hour guest, former C2C host Ian Punnett talked about his new book "A Black Night for the Bluegrass Belle," which details the 1936 murder of his family member Verna Garr Taylor.

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Demons, Evil, & Open Lines

Show Archive
Date: Friday - May 7, 2010
Host: George Noory
Guests: Bill Bean

In the first half of the show, author Bill Bean talked about his personal experiences with evil and demons. Bean revealed that, since his previous C2C appearance, he has come to believe that, in the past, someone on his mother's side of the family "did something to open a doorway for these demonic entities." This, combined with living in what appeared to be a house containing a number of malevolent beings, resulted in his family being "caught in between a two-pronged attack from evil."

Bean detailed how his family was plagued by evil forces in their Maryland home during the 1970's. He explained that, soon after settling into the house, his father suddenly became an alcoholic and began abusing his mother. It was at this time, Bean lamented, that his father "changed from a heroic figure into a man I absolutely loathed." Meanwhile, his mother began suffering from a number of ailments including a series of small strokes and kidney failure. Though his father left the family a few years after they moved into the house, Bean said that demonic activity and attacks by invisible entities continued to occur. He recalled how the family dog went missing one afternoon and, the next morning, all that was left of the animal was "hunks of black hair" placed around his mother like a crime scene.

The torment at the hands of these entities culminated when Bean's mother was attacked by an unseen force, causing him to snap and call out for the beings to "show themselves." After a period of poltergeist-like activity, four beings emerged in front of him for several seconds. He said that they were an entity with black eyes and chalky skin, a red curly haired being, a female in a long dark gown, and a hooded form with red eyes, which he surmised was the group's "ringleader." Their appearance, Bean said, was cloaked in "greenish beams of light." Shortly thereafter, the family moved out of the house and, a few months later, both Bean's mother and grandmother died. He attributed their deaths to the accumulation of the stress from the attacks by these demonic entities.

Open Lines

The latter half of the show was devoted to Open Lines. After a lengthy absence from the program, self-proclaimed demon Oscar made his return to the airwaves. Alleging that he is the "definition of evil," Oscar took credit for the volcanic eruption in Iceland and claimed that "Yellowstone is going to go very soon." Other callers included Devita in California, who expressed concern over electronic voting machines and called for a return to hand-counted elections as well as Joe, who shared his tale of a "Michigan Dogman" sighting from when he was a teenager.

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