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Paranormal Creatures

In the first half, analyst Craig Hulet offered commentary on current events, terrorism, and world conflicts. "It looks to me unbelievably clear that money is going to buy the presidency, and Jeb Bush will be the next president," he declared.

In the latter half, broadcast and print journalist Gary Grossman discussed his research into the chasm between deep time (the scientific estimate that Earth is 4.6 billion years old) and a young Earth (the claim that the planet is only 7-8,000 years old put forth by some religious groups), which serves as the backdrop for his new novel.

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Paranormal Creatures

Show Archive
Date: Wednesday - September 1, 2010
Host: George Noory
Guests: Neil Arnold, Deena West Budd

In the first half of the show, researcher Neil Arnold shared stories of paranormal creatures and events in London. The city is steeped with tales of monsters and folkloric accounts, many that date back centuries. In the 1800's, "Spring Heeled Jack" reportedly terrorized England. He was "a kind of tall, spindly phantom that used to accost females...and tear their garments with iron-like claws and spit blue flame in their faces," before leaping away at great heights, Arnold detailed. In the 1960s, the Highgate Vampire, a tall dark figure with red eyes, was seen floating behind a wrought iron gate, and was said to haunt a cemetery.

In the 1700s, there were reports of a dragon-like creature seen flying over London, as well as strange phantom airships, he noted. There have also been spooky stories associated with London's Underground, including sightings of a bizarre hairy creature that resembled Bigfoot, and rumors of a subterranean race of cannibals "feeding off tramps, and drunks, and rats," Arnold said. Some of the weird creatures and beings that people describe such as fairies, have folkloric qualities and each culture or religion creates their own version, he posited.

In the third hour, author Deena West Budd discussed various cryptozoological and unexplained creatures. Shadow People, dark amorphous entities, are particularly frightening because of the dread and fear they can instill in people, she noted. Detailing the 1955 case of the "Kentucky Goblins," she described how people saw a light in the sky, and then small humanoid creatures began attacking their farmhouse. The "goblins" were 3-4 ft. tall with metallic skin that glowed, claws for hands, and a slit for a mouth.

The last hour of the show featured Open Lines, with people sharing frightening stories.

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