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Oswald & JFK Assassination

In the first half of the program, business consultant and financial writer George Ure provided his analysis of the economic, social, and political trends unfolding this year.

In the latter half, hypnotherapist Mark Allen Frost detailed his encounters with the spirit "Seth" whom he believes is the same entity who previously communicated with the author/channeler Jane Roberts, who died in 1984.

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Oswald & JFK Assassination

Show Archive
Date: Sunday - November 21, 2010
Host: George Knapp
Guests: Ed Haslam, Peter Gleick, Judyth Vary Baker, John Barbour

JFK assassination expert Ed Haslam recounted the story of Judyth Vary Baker, a once promising science student and cancer researcher, who became involved with Lee Harvey Oswald over the summer of 1963 in New Orleans. Baker had been recruited to work with Dr. Mary Sherman on developing a cancer cure, but instead found herself helping to create a cancer bioweapon that would reportedly be used to assassinate Fidel Castro. "They gave Judy a bodyguard...to take care of her," and that was the role of Lee Harvey Oswald, he was her handler in New Orleans and that is how they met, Haslam explained. The bioweapon project involved David Ferrie (later implicated in the JFK assassination by Jim Garrison), and Baker said she got to know him as well, while in New Orleans.

Appearing for a segment at the top of the third hour, Judyth Vary Baker described her love affair with Oswald, and characterized him as a hero and patriot who was set up to be a patsy for JFK's murder, and subsequently unjustly demonized. By July 1963, "Lee Oswald thought he was going to die because of his attempts to do what he could to penetrate a ring he believed was forming for this, first in New Orleans..and then in Texas. He was aware of what he was getting into and did it anyway," she said. Oswald went along with the plans in Texas because he was afraid the perpetrators were going to kill his family, Haslam suggested.

Appearing in a later segment, John Barbour, the maker of the documentary, The Garrison Tapes, talked about how attempts were made to discredit certain witnesses like Judyth Baker. Oswald's shooter, Jack Ruby, died from cancer and according to Haslam, he said he'd been injected with the biological weapon that Baker and Sherman developed, which reportedly killed subjects in 28 days.

Bottled vs. Tap Water

First hour guest, author Peter Gleick talked about America's obsession with bottled water. There has been an intentional effort to make the public fear tap water, but in blind taste tests people actually can't taste the difference between bottled and tap water, he reported. Further, tap water quality is monitored by the EPA, in a much more stringent process than the testing of bottled water, which is typically done by the companies themselves rather than by independent sources, he noted.

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