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Conspiracies & UFO Secrets

Earthfiles investigative reporter Linda Moulton Howe presented interviews about oyster die-offs at an alarming rate in the northwestern US; children with past life recall; an alleged large pyramid and "sphinx" about 60 miles west of Mt. Denali in Alaska; and a recent report of house-shaking booms in Deltona, Florida given by a retired USAF aircraft crew chief that are apparently part of an ongoing contact with non-human consciousness. In the first hour, Dr. Gary Ridenour discussed the Zika virus and the recent death of rockstar Prince.

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Conspiracies & UFO Secrets

Show Archive
Date: Sunday - December 26, 2010
Host: George Knapp
Guests: Cheri Seymour, Dan Smith, Gary S. Bekkum

In the first half, George Knapp welcomed investigative author Cheri Seymour for a discussion about the Octopus, a globe-trotting undercover intelligence operation involved in narcotics trafficking, money laundering, & arms sales. Picking up on the work of journalist Danny Casolaro (who died of a supposed "suicide" in 1991 in the midst of his investigation of the Octopus), she traced a labyrinth of crime that went all the way up to the US Dept. of Justice, and included a maze of politicians and officials in the National Security Council, the CIA, & the FBI.

She outlined how the theft of PROMIS software was used as a cover for international money laundering and other criminal activities by officials in the Reagan presidential administration. Seymour noted that in Dan Moldea's 1986 book Dark Victory: Ronald Reagan, MCA, and The Mob, MCA is referred to as the Octopus, and she suspects that is where Casolaro obtained the name for the larger organization. Further, she uncovered that the Mafia had ordered the Dept. of Justice to shut down an FBI investigation.


In the latter half, Dan Smith, who has received inside information regarding UFOs and ETs from an intelligence officer, was joined by futurist Gary Bekkum to discuss this alleged secret knowledge. The intelligence officer was named as Ron Pandolfi, who some have referred to as the real life Fox Mulder. A UFO/ET "core story" espoused by members of the "Aviary" such as Rick Doty suggested there was a sequence of three primary ET visitors-- the ambassador, the technician, and the historian, and these visitors had been met by various government officials, Smith recounted. The UFO cover-up, he continued, is related to a disturbing message from the ETs, which according to his interpretation is that they are a harbinger of "End Times." Smith announced that he is an active poster on the Open Minds Forum.

Bekkum shared interesting details about military psychic research such as the Stargate Project, in which a number of viewers seemed to foresee the 9-11 attacks as far back as the 1980s. A DIA psychic reported a future event of a "simultaneous attack in New York and Washington," and part of his description involved an airplane passing through a building, and the building possibly collapsing, Bekkum added.

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