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Japan Quake Theories & Open Lines

In the first half, Dave Schrader (email) welcomed veteran police detective Robert Snow, who during a hypnotic regression experienced a vivid awareness of being alive in three separate historical scenes. Remaining skeptical, he began to investigate with the intention of disproving reincarnation. However, what he discovered was the opposite—solid evidence that he lived a former life as Carroll Beckwith, a 19th-century American artist.

In the second half, former President of the Scottish Society for Psychical Research, Tricia Robertson, shared stories from her extensive casebook that deal with a wide range of phenomena that provide evidence for survival after death.

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Japan Quake Theories & Open Lines

Show Archive
Date: Friday - March 11, 2011
Host: George Noory
Guests: Open Lines, Gordon James Gianninoto, Mark Lerner

In the first hour, attorney and ET contactee Gordon James Gianninoto talked about Planet X's possible connection to the devastating 8.9-magnitude earthquake that hit Japan. According to Gianninoto, Planet X is real and presently located half-way between the Earth and the Sun. It has been imaged by NASA's SOHO satellite and can even be seen with the naked eye, he added. Gianninoto said the proximity of this celestial body is loosening Earth's tectonic plates, which are rearranging themselves around a hole in the Pacific.

Japan sits on the edge of an area where two of these loosened plates gave way, he continued, noting that the country will experience more quakes and tsunamis, and eventually fracture because its location. As the plates continue sliding, the Pacific will narrow, the Atlantic will widen, and several areas around the planet (San Francisco, Denmark, most of the Caribbean islands, and all of Central America) will be destroyed, Gianninoto warned.

Our second hour guest, astrologer Mark Lerner, also shared his insights on the Japan quake. According to Lerner, several planets, including Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, as well as the Sun, are clustering around the same point relative to the celestial equator. Uranus actually hit its 84-year-cycle zero point on March 11th, the day of the earthquake in Japan, he added. Earth seems to be responding to this extremely rare confluence of planets and will be affected for the next several weeks, Lerner said.


The latter half of the program featured Open Lines, with a special hotline devoted to callers' strange habits. Linda in Champaign, Illinois, told George about her superstitious practice of placing a certain number of ice cubes in her dog's water bowl. Linda said she aims to drop three pieces of ice in the bowl, as that means "everything relies on me and God, and [the dog]." Margaret in Lake Arrowhead, California, admitted that she cannot leave home without her camera. Margaret said she takes pictures everywhere she goes, and frequently captures images of ghosts.

Jamie in Omaha, Nebraska, recalled the time he and his girlfriend saw an apparition in the backseat of their car. According to Jamie, the phantom appeared to him as an old sailor, while his companion saw a mist of smoke. Repeat caller JC Webster phoned in with an offer to perform an exorcism on Charlie Sheen live on the air. JC said Sheen was possessed by the departed spirit of singer Rick James, who forces him to do cocaine. Carlos in Carson, California, shared his numerological theory about the Illuminati orchestrating the Japan earthquake, and planetary chaos in general, in order to usher in a world government.

News segment guests: Linda Schurman, Jim Berkland

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