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Creature Sighting Updates

Retired NASA astronaut Ron Garan is also a highly decorated fighter pilot as well as an explorer, entrepreneur, and humanitarian who believes that appropriately designed and targeted social enterprise can solve many of the problems facing our world. In the first half, he discussed his transformative experiences working aboard the International Space Station.

In the latter half, medical sociologist Robert E. Bartholomew, PhD shared his latest work uncovering the little-known scientific evidence underlying supposed hauntings, immortalized in familiar Hollywood films including The Exorcist, Poltergeist and The Conjuring.

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Creature Sighting Updates

Show Archive
Date: Friday - October 21, 2011
Host: George Noory
Guests: Open Lines, Linda Godfrey

In the first half, George Noory welcomed researcher and author Linda Godfrey for an update on the latest cryptozoological sightings around North America. She reported on an dogman encounter in Maine, where a couple renting a farmhouse witnessed several 7-foot tall wolf-like creatures walking upright on their hind legs advancing toward them. They took refuge in their house, peering from a window on the second floor, and watched in amazement as the creatures stared up at them, she said. Godfrey related a dogman sighting that took place at Mount Baldy in Alberta, where a hiker claimed to have come face to face with an upright walking dogman. The creature appeared to recognize the hiker's camera and ran off, she added.

Godfrey spoke about multiple Bigfoot sightings in Wisconsin. According to her research, between 1964 through 2011 there have been 14 well-documented sightings in a small region of the state. Two sightings have been reported at the Lima Marsh, she said, noting that a student as well as two restaurant owners have claimed to encounter a bigfoot-like creature in the area. In another report, a woman digging in her garden heard a growl and turned to find an 8-foot tall bigfoot-like creature standing in the weeds. Godfrey said she took castings of footprints that measured 20 inches long by 13 inches wide.


Open Lines

During Open Lines, Tony in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, talked about some strange activity at the rundown state hospital where he works as a security guard. On his patrols of the old building Tony said he has seen shapes moving in the windows, heard what sounds like stuff being shifted around, and perhaps most mysterious of all, witnessed numerous doors inexplicably slamming shut. He also mentioned rumors of an old woman said to roam the abandoned halls of the hospital.

Wanette from Queen Creek, Arizona, told George about a photo she snapped on a trip to Temple Square in Salt Lake City. In one of the picture are three orange lights: one perfectly spherical, another that appears to be old woman in a gown, and one that looks like a face floating above the statue of the angel Moroni. Vlad, truck driving through Indiana, described a strange anomaly that showed up in a photo taken of him at Dracula's castle in Romania. According to Vlad, the picture shows his body surrounded by a brilliant rainbow of lights.

News segment guests: Richard Hoagland / William Thomas

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