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Metaphysical World & Open Lines

Earthfiles investigative reporter Linda Moulton Howe presented interviews about oyster die-offs at an alarming rate in the northwestern US; children with past life recall; an alleged large pyramid and "sphinx" about 60 miles west of Mt. Denali in Alaska; and a recent report of house-shaking booms in Deltona, Florida given by a retired USAF aircraft crew chief that are apparently part of an ongoing contact with non-human consciousness. In the first hour, Dr. Gary Ridenour discussed the Zika virus and the recent death of rockstar Prince.

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Metaphysical World & Open Lines

Show Archive
Date: Friday - January 6, 2012
Host: George Knapp
Guests: Open Lines, Marion Williams

Filling in for George Noory, George Knapp welcomed author Marion Williams for a discussion on her book, It's A Metaphysical World—a collection of purportedly true paranormal stories. Williams shared some of her own personal experiences from the book, including the time she stumbled into a gathering of Satan worshipers. According to Williams, a woman that she did not know well had invited her to meet with a fortune teller/healer in a nearby town. Williams said she was immediately repulsed by the fortune teller, and by the other people at the meeting that she described as 'unlit' and 'dead inside.' Williams admitted running away immediately after the fortune teller called for the strange group to meditate on the light of Lucifer. Perhaps even more terrifying, she revealed that the Satanic fortune teller actually tracked her down at work.

Williams presented a few stories about sprit contact with Ouija boards. Her friends, a group of science majors at a university in New Zealand, had been experimenting with a Ouija board and made contact with an entity, she explained. They were able to verify details relayed to them by the spirit, Williams noted. She reported conducting another Ouija séance in which the contacted entity claimed to have known her in life and watched her walk down a certain street. Williams confessed that she was so terrified of the street the spirit mentioned that she would go out of her way to avoid it. A friend, and the only other participant at the told Williams that a man garbed in black was standing behind her during the séance. The dark entity picked up a glass and threw it at the wall, she added. Williams also spoke about an angelic encounter had by her co-author, Elena Michaels, whose car was twice inexplicably picked up and moved out of harm's way on the highway.


The second half of the program featured Open Lines. Jarrod in Fremont, California, recounted his childhood experiences being haunted by a poltergeist. According to Jarrod, the mischievous spirit would throw around pots and pans, and nearly hit his mother with an ash tray. The entity also materialized before his father one night, Jarrod noted. The unusual occurrences were so common that the pesky ghost was eventually dubbed 'George' by the family. Jarrod said George followed them to another house, where he arranged a pile of books in a spiral pattern in the middle of his sister's new bedroom. Jarrod admitted using a Ouija board with some friends a few years ago and was contacted through it by a spirit who claimed to be the same George from his youth. Chuck from North Carolina shared his frightening struggle with something similar to sleep paralysis but which he said occurs when he is wide awake and in a certain room in his house. "It always stays cold in that room and... things would always happen in that room," he Chuck said. John in Pennsylvania recounted an experience with an angel that he had in Miami in 1999. John said he was approached by a strange man, who prompted him to change his life before vanishing into thin air.

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