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Clearing & Dowsing

First Half: Grant Cameron, who has for decades dedicated himself to researching what American presidents have known about the UFO phenomena, has reached the conclusion that presidents' denying knowledge is just a cover, and that they actually have known and do know the truth. Cameron joined George Knapp to discuss how the Clintons have been the most open about their handling of the mystery and the role of Clinton's campaign manager.

Second Half: Christopher Mellon spent nearly 20 years in the federal government serving in various national security positions. For the first time, he has spoken publicly about his experiences within government as they relate to UFOs. He discussed his experiences in the intelligence community and his belief that there is no organized coverup, but simply a strong reluctance to deal with the subject.

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Clearing & Dowsing

Show Archive
Date: Sunday - February 3, 2013
Host: George Noory
Guests: Raymon Grace, Linda Rosenbaum, Geoffrey Simmons

Dowser Raymon Grace talked about clearing negative energies, how dowsing works, using the power of intent, and his ability to energize water. His work is based on the following principles: all things are composed of energy and the intelligent human mind can direct energy; energy is impressed upon matter; and energy follows thought. He described helping a farmer whose alfalfa field died after accidentally being sprayed with Roundup by "scrambling the frequency of the Roundup and transforming it into fertilizer." When dowsing, he uses a numeric chart going from 1 to 100, both plus and minus. "You'll do better if you ask a question that can be answered with a numeric value, rather than a yes or no," he said, explaining that dowsing inquiries can be answered with more specificity that way.

Appearing for a segment in the third hour, Linda Rosenbaum talked about how she got involved in dowsing, and its healing applications (initially facilitated by Raymon Grace) that helped rid her husband of a debilitating ADD/ADHD condition. Grace related the ADD problem (as well as OCD) to a type of brain imbalance, and has created a five minute video to help. He placed a thought form in the film, and suggested that when watching it you write down the name of the person you want to help, with the clear intent that Grace's energy will go out to that person. He recommended checking the energy of a space or place, particularly if you're planning a move. A lot of times you can positively affect the energy of a place or clear out negative energy, he said.

Grace, who conducted another of his water energizing experiments during the show, believes that due to his efforts (and several other people he worked in conjunction with), the energy level of water has been raised in many places around the world, after they sent out a thought form. Regarding various types of healings, he noted that each body part has its own type of intelligence and emotion, and the way to correct a problem, is to "thank the spiritual love and happiness for being in your body, and...thank your body everyday," rather than expressing negativity toward it.

New CPR Procedure

First hour guest, Dr. Geoffrey Simmons provided an update on cardiac arrest protocols. A new "hands only" CPR procedure, supported by the American Heart Association, and other prominent organizations, eliminates mouth to mouth resuscitation (unless in the case of drowning), and calls for a person to put pressure on the chest placing their palm on the sternum, and pressing rapidly at around a 100 times a minute. Video directions here.

News segment guests: Lauren Weinstein, Mitch Battros, Dannion Brinkley

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