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Stonehenge & Dowsing/ Scary Open Lines

Melvin Dummar says a grand conspiracy has denied him his portion of billionaire Howard Hughes' vast estate. Many consider Dummar to be a fraud but an in-depth investigation by Gary Magnesen has apparently shown Dummar to be a good samaritan who saved Hughes from certain death. Both joined George Knapp to discuss why Hughes was in the desert, as well as those who schemed to deny Dummar and several institutions of their rightful share of the Hughes estate.

In the first hour, veteran music journalist Joel Selvin talked about the notorious Rolling Stones Altamont concert of 1969, considered by many to be rock’s darkest day.

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Stonehenge & Dowsing/ Scary Open Lines

Show Archive
Date: Monday - June 3, 2013
Host: George Noory
Guests: Maria Wheatley, Katherine Albrecht, Open Lines

Maria Wheatley, a second-generation dowser and leading authority on the geodetic system of earth energies, appeared in the second hour. She discussed anomalies related to Stonehenge, which is situated in a powerful spot where some 14 different ley lines (energetic alignments) cross and intersect. According to her electromagnetic tests, the energy at the Stonehenge monument moves up along the stones, and then begins to emit a signal that is around 18 hertz, just below our ability to hear (though in ancient times, people may have been able to hear it, since there was less sound in the environment, she noted).

The large stones were brought from 17 miles away at Avebury, a site with hundreds of natural stones. The transportation of them to Stonehenge might have been facilitated by the energy from the stones, which could have made them lighter in weight, she posited. She talked about Geiger counter readings she did near Stonehenge which showed high levels of gamma radiation-- she believes the ancients were storing energy, and that it's still being released today. Wheatley also spoke of artifacts found at Stonehenge, such as a scissors-like object that could have been a sophisticated surgical tool, as well as her dowsing techniques and practice.


In the latter half of the show, callers were invited to share their paranormal experiences, and scary stories. Patti related the tale of how she had a premonition of a friend's death that unfortunately turned out to be true, and several callers described encounters with odd or menacing entities who awakened them out of sleep.

Privacy Update

First hour guest, privacy advocate Katherine Albrecht reacted to the recent Supreme Court ruling upholding the DNA swabbing of people under arrest. She noted that in Great Britain, where DNA swabbing of the arrested also takes place, the data is supposed to be thrown out if the person is found innocent. Yet according to Big Brother Watch, that hasn't been happening, and people's DNA information remains in the records. She views the US Court's ruling as further chipping away at Americans' 4th Amendment rights. Albrecht also reported that Yahoo is switching over to a new email system, in which users have to sign an agreement to allow for automated scanning of their messages. She recommends that people consider Start Mail (now in beta testing) which offers a more private approach to web mail services.

News segment guests: Robert Zimmerman, Marc Zicree

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