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Electronic Harassment/ UFO Oddities

First Half: Frank Sheeran confessed to investigative author Charles Brandt that he handled more than 25 hits for the Mob, and for his friend Jimmy Hoffa. Joining George Knapp, Brandt shared evidence about Sheeran's involvement with Hoffa, new information on other famous murders, and the announcement of a film adaptation of his book.

Second Half: Pioneering promoter of sci-fi books and films, and avowed atheist Forrest J. Ackerman promised a few respected colleagues that if it were possible he would try to send messages from beyond. Author and researcher Paul Davids and Dr. John Allison, detailed numerous incidents of Ackerman's unusual and uncanny messages and phenomena, as well as impressive scientific support of an afterlife.

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Electronic Harassment/ UFO Oddities

Show Archive
Date: Monday - August 26, 2013
Host: George Noory
Guests: Dr. John Hall, Philip Mantle

In the first half of the program, Dr. John Hall discussed his work with thousands of victims of electronic harassment, stalking, and mind control. Based on his research, Hall noted various kinds of electronic harassment, including being stalked by mysterious forces and, chillingly, "attempts at controlling the mind." Additionally, he said, victims report "hearing the voices of perpetrators in your head that you only can hear, while you are being attacked with directed energy weapons." He theorized that this ongoing electronic harassment is part of an overarching experiment to ultimately find the technology which would allow for control over the entire global population.

While political dissidents are potential victims of electronic harassment, Hall suggested that middle to lower middle class people as well as prisoners and the homeless could also be seen as ideal candidates for testing the technology. He explained that this would allow for those who are controlling the experiment to get a greater data set and see which tactics work best. However, Hall also put forward a troubling potential alternative scenario which was imparted to him by an insider working with this technology. According to that source, Hall said, the victims of electronic harassment are actually the outliers who are not susceptible to the control system. "That's a very scary thought," he observed, "because that tells me that the majority of people are already being controlled."


In the latter half, UFO researcher, lecturer and broadcaster, Philip Mantle provided an update on his work researching fringe facets of the UFO phenomenon, including Unidentified Submerged Objects (USOs), alien abductions, and close encounter cases. "It's a fascinating area of study but one that's largely been ignored down the years," Mantle said about the USO phenomenon. He cited one case in 1965 where a Russian submarine surfaced in the Atlantic and spotted a cigar-shaped object in the sky. Before the crew could react to the UFO, it emitted three beams of light, then landed on the water and submerged. Other cases, Mantle said, feature strange objects being seen under the water and then suddenly shooting up into the sky. "It's mind-boggling," he marveled, since USOs cannot be dismissed as easily as UFOs, which are often blamed on prosaic explanations like celestial misidentification.

Regarding close encounters, Mantle detailed a case where an English woman and her children witnessed a gray, sombrero-shaped UFO land in the field near their home. Approaching the craft, they saw "three tall men" near the ship. These beings were dressed in white, sporting visors over their eyes and, strangely, mittens covered their hands. As the mother was dissuading her kids from getting any closer, the entities circled to the rear of the craft, which then rose into the sky and flew away. "This was either the real thing or they're lying," Mantle declared, "there's no in-betweens, there's no gray areas here. This wasn't the planet Venus or marsh gas or anything else."

News Segment Guests: Jerome Corsi & Paola Harris

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