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Medical Intuitions/ Akashic Records

Professional paranormal investigator and feature columnist for Skeptical Inquirer science magazine, Joe Nickell, provided his skeptic's take on the paranormal. Nickell has investigated many so-called ghost sightings and experiences, and often is able to explain the anomalies in scientific terms. "What I'm trying to do with my work with ghosts [or bigfoot]... is to actually go and actually investigate... and provide the simplest and best scientific explanation for it," he said.

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Medical Intuitions/ Akashic Records

Show Archive
Date: Monday - December 16, 2013
Host: George Noory
Guests: Dr. Mona Lisa Schulz, Aingeal Rose O'Grady

In the first half, neuropsychiatrist and medical intuitive Dr. Mona Lisa Schulz discussed how to combine intuition with intelligence to solve pressing health problems. We really have 10 senses, the five earthly ones such as sight and hearing, and five intuitional senses, she detailed. "Basically, your brain is wired to perceive on Earth, but also to perceive intuitively," she explained. While illnesses can be associated with environmental or genetic causes, they also have an emotional/intuitive component, she continued. In the case of grief over the death of a loved one, it takes about nine months to get over it-- it's like the opposite of birth/gestation. If a person can't let go of the sadness, it turns into depression, which has specific physical symptoms, she noted.

There are a variety of negative thought patterns associated with certain health problems, she said, adding that for unresolved grief the antidote is to "import love and joy." Schulz talked about her own bouts with serious illness, including when she had breast cancer and used intuition to arrange to have a double mastectomy even though one breast didn't show signs of cancer (a biopsy later revealed that cancer was in both breasts). The most effective way to treat illness combines traditional medical care, alternative approaches such as herbs or supplements, intuition, as well as affirmations, she said. Schulz recently teamed up with Louise Hay to write the book All is Well, about how to heal the body with both medicine and affirmations.


In the latter half, authority on the Akashic Records, Aingeal Rose O'Grady, spoke about her remarkable ability to access these records which are purported to contain the history of the cosmos and each individual. While events that are described in the Akashic Records can't be changed, people can create a new timeline in the same time period, she stated. For instance, someone could recall a traumatic incident in their past and then visualize a different outcome, which in effect creates a new timeline, she posited. Before she began reading other people's Akashic Records, she saw her own as a kind of time stream of past lives, and what her unresolved issues were.

According to her readings of the Records, she foresees a turbulent period ahead for Earth's climate, including more severe storms, and volatility in the weather and seasons. The environment is struggling in part due to actions by the human race, and we'll need technology that involves sound and light to repair and purify the damage, she commented. O'Grady sees smaller quakes and volcanic activity over a number of different areas rather than a large or massive incident, as well as increased flooding in places such as the Midwest. In dealing with entrenched conflicts, she advised blessing one's enemies as a way to turn things around.

News segment guests: Catherine Austin Fitts, Jeff Nelkin

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