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Prophecy/ Private Investigations

First half guest John Hogue writes about the occult, parapsychology, mysticism and prophecy. He discussed his predictions for the coming election season, including a prediction of some sort of terrorist or military action before November which will completely change the character of the campaign.

Laird Scranton is an independent software designer and author, who has written several books on African and Egyptian cosmology and language. He discussed how multiple ancient cultures, spanning both years and geography, have strikingly similar creation myths and cosmologies. He also talked about controversial author Immanuel Velikovsky’s book Worlds in Collision, which introduced the provocative theory that Venus began as a brilliant comet ejected by Jupiter around 1600 BCE, wreaking chaos on Mars and Earth.

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Prophecy/ Private Investigations

Show Archive
Date: Monday - January 13, 2014
Host: George Noory
Guests: Carl Gallups , Ed Opperman

In the first half, Pastor Carl Gallups discussed the messianic prophecy of the late Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri, who had a vision in 2005, in which he said he met the Messiah. A number of prophecy watchers believe that part of Kaduri's message was that the Messiah couldn't arrive until former Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon was dead (Sharon died this past Saturday after being in a coma for 8 years). The most controversial aspect of the story, Gallups related, was that in a note published after his death, Kaduri named the Messiah as "Yehoshua," a name many translate as Jesus (some of Kaduri's followers believe the note was a hoax posted on his website).

Gallups also reported that Ariel Sharon angered certain factions after he issued a 'land for peace' agreement with the Palestinians in 2005, and "a group of Kabbalistic rabbis" pronounced an ancient death curse on him, and within months of this curse, he suffered from a stroke. While Gallups didn't offer any specific time lines for the fulfillment of biblical prophecy, such as detailed in the Book of Revelation, he believes we are living in "undeniably prophetic times," with a convergence of various factors and signs.


In the latter half, Ed Opperman talked about his work as a private investigator, and his particular focus tracking cases involving technology such as the Internet, email, texting, and cell phones. Every case is different, and presents a unique puzzle, he remarked. "I'll work in a criminal defense where we're trying to prove a client's innocence, or another situation where a client is a victim of a crime or fraud or stalking...and we create a prosecution case. We go to the police...and we even have ways to prod the police along," he detailed.

He often works on cases involving fidelity issues, and one of his techniques is to track and identify a person based on an anonymous email address they're secretly using, typically on a dating website. 30% of the people on dating websites are already in relationships, he cited. Opperman said he's been involved in a number of celebrity cases, such as when he was hired to determine which women had actually been Tiger Woods' mistresses (a number of them had come forward and were seeking money). He also touched on cases involving 'catfishing' (people posing as someone else on the Internet), romance scams, and reuniting families, as well his curious encounter with Mark David Chapman shortly before he killed John Lennon.

News segment guests: Dr. Peter Breggin, Robert Zimmerman

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