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Fighting Cancer/ Planes & Electronic Fog

In the first half, numerologist Glynis McCants talks about how the year 2016 is unfolding numerologically and what the numbers have to say about the economy, recently deceased music superstars and how the presidential hopefuls are doing.

In the second half, author and researcher David Wellington reveals details about government experimentation on U.S. citizens which includes exposure to pathogens without their knowledge, mind control programs, and exposure to radiation. He'll also discuss transgenics which combines DNA from one species to another resulting in creatures known as chimeras, as well as the rapid developments in drones and robotics.

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Fighting Cancer/ Planes & Electronic Fog

Show Archive
Date: Tuesday - April 15, 2014
Host: George Noory
Guests: Dr. Kelly Turner, Rob MacGregor, Bruce Gernon

In the first half, researcher and lecturer in the field of integrative oncology, and the founder of the Radical Remission Project, Dr. Kelly Turner discussed her study of cancer patients who experienced remission often in the absence of Western medicine. Such remissions have been reported across all different types of cancers, she noted, and fall into three categories-- someone who is diagnosed with cancer and heals without Western medicine, someone who tries Western medicine and it doesn't work, so they're forced to use other means, and people who combine conventional and complementary medicine at the same time.

She found nine key factors that were associated with cases of remission and healing. Two of them were physical-- radical diet change, and taking herbs and supplements, but surprisingly, the other seven were mental and emotional factors such as following intuition, releasing suppressed emotions, increasing positive emotions, embracing social support received from friends and family, and having a spiritual practice. Turner also stressed the importance of having a strong and active immune system to fight off cancer, as well as consuming a non-inflammatory diet, which includes a lot of raw or lightly steamed vegetables.


In the latter half, expert in mysteries of the unknown, Rob MacGregor, and pilot and Bermuda Triangle researcher Bruce Gernon talked about how events in the Bermuda Triangle resemble circumstances surrounding the disappearance of Flight 370, and possible connections with electronic fog, interdimensional portals, and UFOs. Gernon views the missing Flight 370 as one of aviation's biggest mysteries, and MacGregor concurred, noting that the plane's 7-hour flight after it went off radar adds to the strangeness of the case.

Gernon, who experienced electronic fog firsthand while piloting a plane in the Bermuda Triangle, described entering into a miles-long horizontal tunnel formed by fog that arises naturally when two thunderstorms are lined up with each other. "When I entered this tunnel, that's when something strange started happening instantly...the vision of the tunnel itself changed...there were these strange swirling lines rotating counterclockwise...I believe I was actually seeing the fabric of space and time when I saw this visual change," he revealed. The two conjectured that the Malaysian plane may have had a similar such encounter, and the pilot's decision to fly at unusual heights and depths could have been his attempt to get out of the tunnel or electronic fog they were engulfed by, possibly for hours.

News segment guests: David Knight, James Sanders

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