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Recruited by a Ghost/ Open Lines

Earthfiles investigative reporter Linda Moulton Howe discussed the bizarre story of the alleged human-alien hybrid found dead in Los Angeles and said to be involved with the CIA; mysterious and spectacular crop formations found in the wheat fields of Wiltshire, England on the summer solstice this past June, and the breaking story about the sun going to sleep in 2030 and ushering in a brutal mini ice age across the planet.

In the first hour, political commentator and economist John Lott reacted to the shooting of two reporters in Virginia on Wednesday and the ramifications the event may have on gun laws.

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Recruited by a Ghost/ Open Lines

Show Archive
Date: Friday - June 6, 2014
Host: George Noory
Guests: Open Lines, Marisa Ryan

In the first half, George Noory welcomes psychic medium Marisa Ryan, who shared her story of being recruited by the spirit of a murder victim that was seeking help in bringing the killers to justice. She traced the experience back to eleven years ago when she learned that a woman from her previous neighborhood had been murdered. After reading an article about her killing, Ryan was stunned when the disembodied spirit of the dead woman appeared before her. The apparition showed her the entire graphic murder scene and insisted that it would not leave until Ryan called the police. Pressed to resolve the situation, she called the authorities and provided information that only the police, the killers, and the murder victim would know.

At the behest of the police, Ryan continued her communication with the dead woman, who instructed her to sketch the faces of the murderers. After faxing the drawings to the police, she was promptly called by a detective who revealed that the sketches were identical to the prime suspects. Since the police could never find the murder weapon, the case stalled and Ryan went on to use her newfound abilities to communicate with other deceased people in need of help. However, she said, the murdered woman came to her three months ago and said, "revenge is sweet. One down, two to go." A week later, Ryan was called by the detective on the case who chillingly told her that one of the suspects had died in a motorcycle accident. Since that suspect is now 'on the other side,' Ryan explained that she plans to contact his spirit and get him to produce the information needed to finally bring the case to a close.


During Open Lines, an anonymous caller disclosed detailed insights about missing Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 which he claimed to have received from a friend that had longstanding connections to the Navy. According to the caller's source, an American convoy in Afghanistan was hijacked by the Taliban this past February and the equipment used to control U.S. drones was captured. In turn, the Taliban attempted to sell this technology to the Chinese government. As part of the deal, the equipment was sent to Malaysia, which was believed to be a covert location, where Chinese scientists studied it. In order to avoid suspicion, 'anonymous' said, the Chinese decided to transport the equipment to China via a civilian aircraft: MH370.

However, he said, the United States was determined to get the equipment back and worked with Israel to decipher the Chinese plan. As such, there were five U.S. and Israeli agents aboard the plane and, as the airliner was between Malaysian and Vietnamese airspace, an American AWAC jammed the control system of MH370. Subsequently, the agents aboard the plane took control of the craft and flew it to an American base on the island of Diego Garcia, where the drone equipment as well as the flight's black box were extracted. Following that, MH370, full of dead passengers that had been killed from lack of oxygen, was remotely controlled to fly to the Indian Ocean where it crashed "to make it look as if the plane eventually ran out of fuel."

News segment guests: Robert Zimmerman & Peter Davenport

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